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Photo by @FransLanting This alien creature may look like a cousin of Star War’s Yoda, but it is actually a distant relative of humans. Tarsiers are tiny primates the size of a mouse. They have huge eyes, which are bigger than their brains. Scientists consider them a living link with the very earliest primates from which all monkeys, lemurs and apes evolved. But to me it was a wonder on its own; one of the many miracles I’ve come upon while working in the jungles of the world. Go to @FransLanting for other views of tarsiers and follow @ChristineEckstrom for more video encounters with the animal world. @natgeocreative #Borneo #Primate #Rainforest #Jungle #Tarsier

Photo by @davidalanharvey | Farmers somewhere between Hanoi and Hué.. #vietnam

Photo by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto | Ticklish moment: Tibetan grandmother helps her little one putting on his socks inside a traditional yak hair tent. The nomads are now migrating with their herds of yak from summers high pastures, to their home base near towns, following the fresh grass that becomes available as the seasons change. For more photos of Tibetan life follow @yamashitaphoto.
#Tibetans #nomads #traditionallife

Photo by @joepetersburger/@thephotosociety // BLUE MAGIC // Ornamental #feathers of Eurasian #jay (Garrulus glandarius). Normally you cannot get this close to a wild, healthy jay. Indeed, it was not healthy at all, but killed by a car in a remote place, where a road is crossing a forest. It was a young bird, who could not calculate the speed and did not depart in time. So this specimen became the perfect demonstration for my kids, how important is to be careful beside the road... Taken about 3 miles from our home in #Hungary. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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Photo by @williamalbertallard // Montana, 2004

My Springer Spaniel Buster scans the Montana fields as we look for grouse of pheasants. Buster loved to hunt and even when he grew old he would still tremble at the thought of getting out to run and seek the scent of wild birds. He lived to be thirteen and was a great example of the old saying that the only fault dogs have is that they don’t live long enough.

#followme @williamalbertallard for more images of Montana and other assignments spanning five-decades.

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Photo by @gerdludwig. Located 150 miles (240 km) to the south of the mainland, Tasmania is an island state of Australia. Wool production is one of Tasmania’s main sources of export income, producing some of the world’s finest Merino wool. With over 2 million sheep grazing the pastures of the island, sheep outnumber humans four to one.

@natgeocreative @natgeo #Tasmania #Australia #sheep #merino #agriculture #pasture #livestock

Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid - Golden Wildebeest, Eastern Cape, South Africa - Along the Limpopo River basin, Golden Wildebeest naturally occurred adjacent to the Tuli-Block of Botswana. Earlier farmers in the 1920′s, called them “Vos Wildebeest.” —- The first Golden Wildebeest Bull, was captured by Alec Raff in the early 1990′s on the game farm Swinburne, in the Limpopo Valley, here they formed an integral part of the large migratory herds that once moved freely between South Africa and Botswana. Just over a quarter of century later its estimated than in excess of 2000 of these animals graze on South African game ranches, bred in the hope that hunters would pay a lot more to shoot unusually coloured trophy animals. As early as 2011 the International Council for Game & Wildlife Conservation (CIC) declared colour variants a manipulation of wild game and said they should not be hunted. The industry continued and prices at auction continued to climb until 2016 when the market collapsed. With colour-variant animals, a supply of ‘unnatural freaks’ was created for which there is no real demand. The animals that roam the land have become commodified, part of a new consumerism, marketed and sold, their ‘brands’ pitted against each other, their continued existence now a question of human demand, whim and calculation. Follow me here and @chancellordavid and @thephotosociety to see more work and projects #southafrica

Photo by @davidalanharvey | Recovering opium addicts in Hanoi 1989. The Vietnam War had many tremendous after shock consequences long after truce was declared. One of them,drug addiction from the ranks of combat soldiers, was prevalent on both sides of the war. With another photojournalist colleague I tried opium once while we covered North Vietnam after the war. Pretty easy to see how one would get addicted. Clear headed euphoria. Not drunk. Not stoned. A sharp edged enlightened vision. No wonder poets and soldiers alike succumbed. I never tried it twice however. I was so sick at the exit point that it erased my pleasure forever. Vietnam now is of course a popular tourist destination and your athletic shoes are most likely made in Vietnam. I went to North Vietnam on assignment for NatGeo to meet our former U.S. enemy. Mixed feelings all around. Yet when you get right down and look your enemy in the eye what do you see? Another human being with hopes and dreams and pain and families and songs and art and a desire for peace. I have no idea what these men went through before hospitalization nor what happened after. Yet I did clearly see that war was not the answer.

Photo by @davidalanharvey | Miss Hanoi 1988. I hung around this event for a full day. I knew the part I wanted to shoot would only last for a few seconds max. Yet being tall and the American recent enemy, I came several hours early to make eye contact, lower my head, and smile with everyone connected. Easy to imagine that everyone in this picture had lost a relative in the war. 250,000 dead. So I had to make sure they identified with ME personally. By the time the new winner was announced, I was “known” by everybody. They’d gotten used to me. So by that time I could step right in front of them and shoot. Fast in deftly, get the shot, fast out so as not to be rude. #vietnam

Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz

Geoglyphs made by pre-Columbian Native Americans decorate the sun-darkened gravels of the Lower Colorado River Valley in California. On the bottom is a creator-figure called Mastamho, and at the top is his spirit helper, a mountain lion. Tire tracks from recreational vehicles have marred these 1,000 year-old religious symbols that are now protected by fences. Over 400 geoglyphs have been identified in the Mojave Desert. There is no high point nearby from which to view this earthwork, which makes their origin somewhat mysterious. To see more of the world from above follow @geosteinmetz

#EarthArt #intaglio #geoglyph

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