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SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 7 - Donald Trump - He stuck with his passions: Deals and Real Estate Development...BOSS!

SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 6 - Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin - First seems to stick in our minds. What name did you think when you saw this photo? -Buzz was the second human to step foot on the moon. After Neil Armstrong took the first step on lunar soil, he and Edwin loped around the lunar surface for 2 hours 14 minutes.

SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 5 - Clint Eastwood - American film actor, director, producer, composer, and politician. An enduring cultural icon.

SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 4 - Carmelita Jeter - Known as the fastest woman in the world, Carmelita loves Wheaties, pink shoes and blazers. She currently holds 3 of the top 10 fastest times ever run.

SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 3 - Ferdinand Porsche - Ahead of his time, the inventor of the first recorded hybrid vehicle (gas-electric) in 1901. Little did he know that the hybrid would not be highly available for another century. Ferdinand was recognized as car engineer of the Century in 1999.

SPOTLIGHT INFLUENCE - Day 2 - Malcom Gladwell - international best seller, he showed us how social epidemics start in THE TIPPING POINT, explained intuitive decision making in BLINK, re-defined the story of success in OUTLIERS and taught us how to see through the eyes of others in WHAT THE DOG SAW.

Spotlight Influence - Day 1 - Kevin Systrom - His passion for Social Products and Photography innovated the way we share photos.

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