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Tina Ong | TPM  🍱: @thismommaloves I am only phenomenal in how I allow God to use my imperfections to do His perfect work. Jeremiah 29:11.

It’s so easy lang pala to cook dumplings with crispy bottoms like the ones we order at restos. The mom of one of my son’s best friends sent us some trays, and so it’s what we had for dinner yesterday. I just pan-fry, boil, then pan-fry again, all in the same pan. .
Frozen dumplings of all kinds are a must have in my freezer talaga. This one is from @dumpling_ugly and it’s a great standby for emergency meals, as well as for gifting to friends this holidays.

We love the Matcha Yakigashi from @kumoriph! 💚
#MatchaYakigashi is the latest treat from #kumoriph. It’s the right balance of matcha and sweetness. A green tea cake in a bar that’s topped with Bianca snow and matcha powder. This one definitely puts the happy in my holiday. #biteintoclouds

Like a true Tita, my ideal weekend night is spent at home, in my pajamas. But my teens have other plans. Last night, they wanted to go out and have dinner. And in their eyes, I’m the #bestmomever, so shempre pagbigyan!🤣🤪😂
Traffic was terrible because December + Friday... but keri lang. I had a great time listening to their kwentos , getting updated on their fave song (Loving is Easy by Rex Orange County), enjoying the noisy laughter among the siblings, getting an update about all things in the news from C. Plus dinner at @racksphl, which we did not visit in a long time, but they have a new offering which the kids wanted to try: the Honey Dijon Ribs (which is only available for this Christmas season)! The Southern Fried Chicken was good, too.
Thankful to #CeconPlus for giving me an extra boost so I can give my family the same amount of energy from early morning upto late at night. #ceconplusforsupermoms

My kitchen is feeling the festive spirit, and I’m baking to my heart’s content! My family’s Christmas countdown won’t be the same without cookies paired with a cup of @basilurteaph. #TPMkitchen❤️
It’s also a beautiful holiday gift idea to pair homemade sweet treats with a box or 2 of #basilurteaph. Basilur is a world renowned brand of superior quality tea blends. Basilur tea leaves are meticulously hand-picked from tea gardens in Sri Lanka. .
I just discovered that they are now also available to order online via @honestbeeph.

CONGRATULATIONS, @ssiotin! Please DM me your complete name and address so I can send you your prizes!

Because it’s December, the season of giving, I’m giving away a Curves Magnolia 1-week pass to one winner.

Winner will get:
1. 1-WEEK free trial pass
2. 5 one-time guest passes for tagged friends
P500 discount voucher from @fitnessgourmetph

Here’s how to join:
1. Follow @thephenomenalmama And @curves.magnolia
2. Tag 2 friends in the comment section who you want to go on a fitness journey with
3. Winner will be announced on Friday.

I ended my weekend decorating cookies with my kids. It was a therapeutic and fun way to spend Sunday with the kids, without the distraction from our gadgets. I got the DIY cookie decorating box from @thelittlewhiskph. Everything you need to decorate the cookies are included in the box. It’s perfect for all ages because even I enjoyed doing it, and my teens were enthusiastic about decorating... and eating the cookies, as well! Especially since the mint choco cookie is gluten free! Swipe left to see how entertaining it is. I also share videos in my stories.

Christmas season won’t be the same without our native kakanins. For me, if it’s offered on the dessert table, I’m sure to have it.
This cake from @suman.espesyal is one of the most unique and yummy that I’ve tasted. It combines a layer of suman and ube, topped with toasted coconut flakes and generous slices of leche flan. 💖💜💛 swipe for more kakanin goodness, which you can now order online via @honestbeeph. They’ve added more merchants to their list of vendors, and now we can just place our order and #honestbee comes to our rescue. This holidays, we can spend more time celebrating, rather than wasting our time in never ending queues and traffic jams.

More food photos from more merchants in the blog.

Most Chinese families have a tightly guarded, top secret Kiam Pung recipe which is passed on from generation to generation. Kiam Pung is the Chinese version of the Spanish paella. It’s savory rice with pork, mushrooms, dried shrimp, chestnuts and mustard greens.

I just had a bowl of the best tasting Kiam Pung from @auntiebkiampung. Homemade goodness without the laborious effort.
Try Auntie B's Specialty Kiam Pung for your next potluck dinner or even tiap chai when you’re just too tired (or lazy) to cook.

Text or call 0917-147-2222 for orders and inquiries.

It’s been so long since my kids enjoyed bread without the guilt! What’s on the table: moringa sourdough pandesal + ezekiel bread (both gluten-free) pressed into paninis by my #severin multi-use sandwich maker/panini grill/waffle maker. #TPMkitchen❤️
Paninis are kept warm from the draft of the aircon by the insulated kitchen covers from @shopsueystore. It’s one of my kitchen must-haves, and is also a perfect Christmas gift! 🎁🛍

Nachos served on a sheet pan is perfect for a family movie night, which is what happened yesterday. #TPMkitchen❤️

This photo is perfect for a Halloween #FOTD because, as her mom, it’s scary how fast @whimsicalsushi is turning into an adult. 😱 Her face is brought to you by Benefit’s The Porefessional Primer, Gimme Brow brow-volumizing fiber gel, Roller Lash super curling and lifting mascara. We were at the #BenefitxSolique launch where @benefitph unveiled their 2018 collection of limited edition holiday gift sets. Swipe left to see more product details and how much savings you get per set.

Squeezed in a quick pampering session to welcome the prettiest in pink collab between @benefitph and @girlstufforever. You can be sure that when I’m prepping dinner tonight, I will feel like I’m Giada de Laurentiis.😂 #BenefitxSolique I went for a French mani and eyebrow grooming, while my @whimsicalsushi chose a fancier mani with glitters and gems, both done using #soliquebygirlstuff instant gel polish. We both love how the colors are so versatile, and can easily match both our skin tone. I’m quite fair and she’s got a year-round tan. .
Congrats, @janinagtan! 💖 you surely have a winner here!

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