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Looking for an indulgent (but not overly boozy) way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? These cupcakes made with Guinness and Baileys tie in all the flavors you’d expect to find at your local pub — without the rowdy crowd or the hefty bar tab. Find a link to the recipe in the bio!

In an increasingly busy world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if you’re looking to simplify your routine, why not try a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe consists of anywhere from 20-50 items of clothing, shoes and accessories that can be mixed and matched again and again. Having a limited number of high-quality options makes it easy to put together looks you’ll love, and, when you build a “capsule” of clothes you feel good in, you’ll stop feeling that need to shop. With self-guided rules that help you pare down your closet, hone your style and curb your decision fatigue, this minimalist method can help you reset your morning routine and spend more of your time — and money — on the things that matter.

“Parenting prepared me for entrepreneurship, because parenting is relentless, and entrepreneurship is relentless — but it’s also incredibly gratifying,” said Kate Torgersen, CEO of @milkstork , which helps working moms easily ship breast milk home when they travel.
Torgersen, a mother of three, built her company while working full-time. She took advantage of every spare moment she had — even working on business plans as she pumped milk!
She never planned to be an entrepreneur, but she couldn’t ignore the urge to solve a problem she’d personally faced on the job. She takes pride in helping other working mothers stay committed to their desire to breastfeed.

Bonnie Lewis, who runs a sewing workshop called Common Sewing just outside of downtown Orlando, Florida, is working to revive a nearly obsolete art form. By teaching people to sew, she hopes to help create a culture of makers who understand the importance of slowing down when it comes to clothes. During each of her six-week-long workshops, participants learn the basics needed to begin their own journey into the world of slow fashion, allowing them the chance to step away from the relentless cycle of the fast fashion world.
The allure of fast fashion is stores’ ability to get the most current styles from the runway to your closet in a matter of weeks. Slow fashion, alternatively, demands involvement from the consumer — whether that means researching brands, reusing and recycling the pieces you already own, or even mending and sewing your own clothes.
The slow fashion movement is all about buying less, buying better and wearing only what you love. It’s about people making a conscious effort to choose ethical, sustainable brands and textiles, leaving the world of “fast fashion” and all its cheaply made, cheaply sold clothes behind.

If you’ve ever had a really bad beer, chances are you didn’t have a cicerone pour it for you. Ray Daniels started the Cicerone Certification Program to ensure that wouldn’t happen to you ever again. These beer aficionados are basically walking, talking encyclopedias on all things beer. With only 80 #AdvancedCicerones in the entire world, Neil Callaghan of #CigarCityBrewing is one of only two found in Florida.
It took many years - and lots of drinking beer - for Neil to become an advanced #cicerone and all-around beer expert. Got a problem with a draft line? Call Neil. Need advice on beer and food pairing? Neil’s got it. Want to know more about hops from Japan? That’s right, Neil’s your man.

I stepped into Animal House on 34th to buy dog food with my kids, but those bins of exotic birds and rabbits are probably the real reason we come here instead of the grocery. That night, they had a new breed of birds we had never seen at a pet store before: Chickens.
We’d never thought of ourselves as ‘chicken people’, but the cuddly balls of fluff in the palms of our hands were enough to start making us rationalize why we could own chickens. Why we needed to own chickens. The cost of care and maintenance has been low, and the benefit of eggs has been spectacular, but the truth is that our hearts melted at first peep.

Happy #ValentinesDay! If you’re celebrating this day of love and #gettingengaged is part of your future plans but not part of your future budget, then check out this sparkling #diamondalternative. Moissanite is known as “the gem from the stars,” and scientists worked for more than a century to figure out how to recreate it. Only an expert can tell the difference between moissanite and pricier diamonds. Can you see the difference?

Enjoy protein shakes but can’t stomach the cost? Try this simple recipe. At $2.43 per shake, you’ll be pocketing almost $3 per delicious beverage. For more recipes like this one, check out the link in our profile.
1 cup kale: $1.60
1 banana: 19 cents
½ cup peanut butter: 64 cents
½ cup water: free

“If you could get all the benefits of regular exercise distilled into a pill… it would be Viagra all over again.”
That’s Brian Constantine, a 56-year-old, four-time Ironman who knows all about the psychological payoffs of working out.
Seventeen years ago, he quit drinking and started his fitness journey. Now he’s an avid triathlete with a new career as a licensed mental health professional who spends a lot of time helping people kick destructive habits.
And he always prescribes a fitness regimen for clients.
If you have problems with anxiety or depression, working out can pay deep dividends for your mental health — and your wallet. It means better sleep, staving off diseases like dementia and it might even make you smarter.
Here’s the best part: There’s no secret formula. Just start.

Millions of people scramble to pay their bills each month when they are just a single paycheck away from losing their home. It can happen to anyone at anytime, and it’s more common than you think. A run of bad luck can start a spiral toward homelessness that seems impossible to stop, but don’t give up. Call the nationwide 24/7 assistance hotline, 211, for immediate help. Then check our list of resources (link in bio) to find out what state and local agencies can help get you back on your feet. You don’t have to struggle alone.

Julie Wilder transformed a hobby making nature-based calendar collections into a #sidegig that earned her $15,000 in 2016. This single mom only spends about 10 hours a week maintaining her online store, @thespiralspectrum, leaving her plenty of free time to lead workshops for fellow entrepreneurs and mentoring small business owners.

The perfect way to celebrate #NationalCroissantDay is by pairing a delicious drink from @starbucks with your flaky pastry. The trouble is, it’s hard to get motivated to make a #coffee run when it’s blustery and cold outside. Instead, make our killer DIY #caramelmacchiato from ingredients you probably already have on hand for less than a buck.

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