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Patrick Walsh

These biker girls encircled my car and nearly ran me off the road. Got swift revenge by VERY quietly muttering "Geez, check out Kill Bills over here" with my windows rolled up.

Palmed the waiter a #dampsingle.

Kauai might be the most beautiful place I've ever seen -- and I lived in Jersey City!

If anyone else hiking this finds a contact lens please let me know.

Much like Saved By the Bell, ya boy has gone Hawaiian Style!

Oh, good afternoon. I believe you mentioned something about us playing together?

Taped my pilot last night. Couldn't have gone better. Lovely people.

Woke up worried about the impending Writers Guild strike. I'm not so worried any more, baby!

I don't know what's more disturbing -- that this list exists or that I'm #17.

LA looking like an establishing shot in a movie about a world ruled by unicorns.

Just told my cat about Trump.

FINALLY a movie for babies who appreciate the work of David Mamet!

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