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Simply Gum... MINTS?! Bitch, you just said you were simply gum! And when the hell did ginger enter the mix? I don’t need this shit.

at my bachelor party with 4 dear friends

No better feeling than finding that perfect parking spot.

We must do something about health care in this country.

Tonight’s episode of “Living Biblically” is called “Love Thy Neighbor.” It is about the difficulty (impossibility?) of treating everyone with love in a time of relentless hate. Even the jerks, even the idiots, even the dudes who film full concerts on their iPhone. Could you do it? Our live audience went nuts for this one and I hope you do too. CBS. 9:30/8:30.

I’m all for charity but this is a wild cause to get behind.

“Come my lady, come come my lady. You’re my butterfly, sugar baby.” — Bill Shakespeare? Close. It was the band Crazy Town.

I cannot wait for you to see this show.

Watching the news.

Damn cat refuses to play “Home Alone” with me.

Look, I didn’t want to do the director’s chair photo. But I’m also man enough to admit that it’s adorable.

We have an air date! My show, “Living Biblically,” premieres 2/26/18. It’s very funny and the cast is incredible. I hope you watch!

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