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Tickets are now available for LCpl Connor 'The Lion' Vian 🦁 3rd Professional Boxing Match. Connor is hoping to maintain his current record of 2 fights, 2 wins.

Taking place at Norwich Epic Studios, Saturday 22nd July,

Connor says "I'm in the best shape of my life to date and promise to put on a great performance! Hoping for as much support as possible!" #UtrinqueParatus

#pegasus at #ranville this year with #pegasuspipesanddrums they are absolutely amazing at what they do! check them out #ranvillecemetery #normandy #normandy2017 #france #parachuteregiment #shetlandpony

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is visiting The Parachute Regiment at Merville Barracks, Colchester today to celebrate 40 years as its Colonel-in-Chief.

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On this day in 1940.

Impressed by the success of German airborne operations, during the Battle of France, the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, directed the War Office to investigate the possibility of creating a corps of 5,000 parachute troops.

Which later lead to the formation of The Parachute Regiment.

View the original letter by Winston Churchill using the link below.

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The Parachute Regiment set to commemorate 35th Anniversary of Falkland Islands Conflict in Aldershot
The 35th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict is to be marked this Sunday (18th June) in Aldershot with a ceremonial Drumhead Service and commemorative march through the town centre held.
The drumhead service, a traditional Army field church service held using the regimental drums as an altar, is to be held in the Aldershot Military Cemetery – the last resting place of eighteen soldiers who fell in battle during the fight to regain the South Atlantic islands. Among the rows of headstones is that of Sergeant Ian McKay of the Third Battalion, Parachute Regiment who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in the battle of Mount Longdon.
Hundreds of veterans are expected to attend and accompany serving ‘Paras’ and troops representing the airborne units that make up today’s 16 Air Assault Brigade. The service that will pay homage to the 46 airborne soldiers who never returned will be presided over by the Reverend David Cooper, himself a veteran of the conflict who served with 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment at the time.
Following the service the commemoration moves to the centre of Aldershot where some 120 serving airborne soldiers will form up behind the Band of the Parachute Regiment and Pegasus,
the Paras’ Sheltland pony regimental mascot and swelled by the ranks of the veterans will parade through the streets of the town.

#UtrinqueParatus #Falklands35

Members of B-Company, 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment held a memorial service on Mount Longdon to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Operation CORPORATE.
The men of B-Company demonstrated solemnity and admiration in remembering the actions of their forebears 35 years ago.

#UtrinqueParatus #Falklands35

35 years ago - The Battle for Mount Longdon

35 years ago tonight - The start line was crossed at 0015hrs by A and B Company, 3 PARA. It was a silent approach until Cpl Milne stepped on a land mine, which alerted the enemy to the attack.
At this point the enemy opened fire and fierce fighting ensued. 4 Platoon took the brunt of the enemy fire, with one man killed and an additional four wounded, including the Platoon Commander. Sgt Ian McKay, therefore, took command of 4 Platoon and moved forward to attack a heavy machine gun position up a steep slope. It was whilst engaging this position he was killed in action. He would later receive a posthumous Victoria Cross for his actions.

The Battle of Mount Longdon cost 3 PARA twenty-three dead, including attached personnel, and forty three wounded. Accounts vary on the Argentinean casualties, with between thirty to fifty killed, a similar number taken prisoner, and up to one hundred and twenty wounded.

By 1100hrs on the 12th June (tommorrow) Mount Longdon would be controlled by 3 PARA.

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A moving picture from our visit to Normandy this year. #wewillrememberthem #theyshallgrownotoldaswethatareleftgrowold #ranville #utrinqueparatus

Depot PARA

792 Brevile Platoon - P-Company

The recruits of 792 Breville Platoon have just finished their second day of the fabled P-company.

As always wish all members of 792 Breville Platoon the best of luck during p-company.

Check out some of the pictures from the Trainasium and Log Race below.

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The last step on the long road to being a Paratrooper.

Bruneval Platoon have just completed their live firing Platoon Attack on Otterburn Training Area.
The recruits are now ready to pass off the square to their Battalions on the 9th June at ITC Catterick in front of their friends and family.

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Trafalgar cup 2017

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