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MLA  ::Connecticut::Boston::NYC:: Minnesota ex-pat, New Englander forever. Photos: iPhone 7+ #GoHabsGo

50/365 Writing. Plenty of proper pencils for my inner (and outer) nitpicker. #365photochallengect #blackandwhitephotography #pencils #amwriting #grammarmatters

49/365 The handoff. There's something special about sharing books you love, and I *loved* "Lincoln in the Bardo." Illicit book passing in Dunkin's parking's how we roll. #books #bookish #readresistrepeat #LincolnintheBardo #friends #365photochallengect

48/365 Propaganda. It's too early to tell, but it feels like maybe I'm edging my way back into the reading groove. I spent more than a decade in publishing and have had my nose in a book for much of my life, but my reading of late has been sporadic. Here's to getting in to the ol' groove with Orwell's brilliant essays. #propaganda #art #reading #bookish #365photochallengect #readresistrepeat

47/365 Rolling. Life in a small non-profit means a lot of hand-me-downs, like these rolling shelves for ledgers. They'll be game changing for our work space. #365photochallengect #blackandwhitephotography #connecticut #museumlife #adaptivereuse

46/365 The road. Grief, my friends, is a minefield of awkward and difficult emotions and moments. Three years ago today my father died and the photo posted above was taken the day after his death. I had driven madly across country from Connecticut to Minnesota to arrive on Valentine’s Day (obsessed with the oversized Valentine card I’d sent him of a golden retriever—our family dog of choice—that had not arrived via the USPS) and the next day he was gone. The *card drama* was a magnificent distraction.

Open Midwestern skies—where the landscape just goes and goes and goes—feel a little exposed to this Minnesota expat after nearly two decades in the rolling hillsides of New England. And maybe that’s why this stretch of road resonated so strongly that day—I felt raw and exposed and unsteady. I drove faster than one should on snowy gravel farm roads and I sang loudly to Panic! At the Disco and The Killers and 80s ballads—anything to release some of the roiling anger and heavy sadness. I drove around Olmsted County for the better part of the day, alternating between rage and sobbing—yelling at my father, cursing him for not staying longer.
Today I’ve run a broader gamut of emotions than I’d expected—and that’s okay, you feel how you feel—and I’m grateful for a busy work day to provide welcome distraction for a few hours.
There’s a bottle of Veuve Clicquot chilling in my refrigerator and I’ll uncork it later to toast my father and absent loved ones, the people (and pets) we wish had stayed around a little (a lot) longer.
#blackandwhitephotography #minnesota #byways #365photochallengect #optoutside #winter #rural #backroads

"Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.
Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves... (WH Auden, "Funeral Blues.") 1,576,800 minutes. GBA 1935-2014. Vale, pater.
#blackandwhitephotography #inverted #clocks #newengland #igersct

45/365 The porch. Today would have been my grandfather's 95th birthday so I'm devoting today's photo to him. My grandfather was not an overly effusive person, he could be blunt and was incredibly string-willed. (I come by it honestly, at least.) He and my grandmother spent the last 40 or so years of their lives in Fountain City, Wisconsin, in an 1850s brick house that had originally been used as a courthouse for Buffalo County. The house is on Hill Street and overlooks the Wisconsin channel of the Mississippi River. From this porch, my cousins and I watched the Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen go by--calliopes playing-- and we played games trying to guess what color the caboose would be on the trains that sped by. This porch and this house were the focus of all summertime activities. My grandparents have been gone the better part of the 21st century and I've not been to the house in a decade or so. But when I dream of summer, of carefree youth, it is often of dancing--my feet on my grandfather's--on this porch with the Mighty Mississippi River flowing timelessly behind us. #fountaincity #wisconsin #latergram #365photochallengect #rivers #porches

Happy Valentine's Day! #horses #ephemera #valentines

43/365 Blue. The photo you take when it's too pretty/snowy outside to actually venture out and you're a little obsessed w/ the blue light in your new kettle anyhow. #newengland #connecticut #blue #365photochallengect #lazy #slothful