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PALEO PEACH // ALICE  ✖️ Nutrition | Fitness | Health | Wellness ✖️ Edinburgh, UK. ✖️ Step-by-step recipes on IG story highlights 👇 Chocolate Cherry Paleo Granola recipe

Smoked haddock tacos filled with ALL the veggies 🌈 🌈 prepped and cooked this in under 20 mins. You know when you don’t want a meal to end it’s THAT good?? This was a prime example 🙌 I chopped mango, pepper, avocado, cherry tomato and limes and served with rocket leaves. Then panfried the haddock with some garlic and coriander and served in corn tortillas with a drizzle of yoghurt mixed with hot sauce. #fishtacos

Can we just take a second to appreciate that 1) We don’t deserve dogs. They are the snuggliest, sweetest, kindest most innocent little beings on the planet and are just too good for this earth. 2) Goddamnit I wish I could nap as much as Agnes 👆this little pup sleeps all day errday and is living her best life.
Throwback to our weekend nap, look at her dreamy face 😍

Four minute poached eggs is what Saturday dreams are made of ❤️ Served them with 1/2 avo, 25g feta, squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of chilli flakes. On a side note I wish @glassofwaterpapi would buy a toaster so I stop burning all the sourdough in the grill. Millennial problems at its finest.

Matching activewear makes me feel like I have my life together. And I remembered to floss today. #adulting at its finest
Outfit by @bellum_active #thepaleopeach

Looks like everyone wants a bit of this roast chicken salad! I made this whole meal because I wanted to make a tahini and lemon dressing for it, but then realised the jar of tahini I have in my fridge was bought by @kirsty12788 when she lived with me. She moved out 2 years ago 😂 so that went straight in the bin. Desperately need to clear out my cupboards haha
Roast chicken
Spinach leaves
Spiralized courgette
1/2 avocado
Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Can I get a helll yeeeeeah for my new @lululemonuk sports bra. Thanks to the good people of IG for voting on my story poll yesterday. I can see why majority ruled with this one 🙌😂 also got these beaut leggings. My fitness wardrobe has had a serious upgrade since my birthday, I’m a very lucky gal!

Eggs every damn day at @honeycombandcocafe (avo + salmon + feta)

Cheers to another year 🥂 @thelayoverlife_ and I have had such a wonderful time celebrating our birthday the last couple of days with all the people we love. So much yummy food, cake and margaritas! I’ve had loads of fun reeeaallly dragging out those birthday celebrations (day 4 and still going). Also, thank you so much to everyone that messaged me, it was so lovely! X

Made some Paleo sweet potato gnocchi and ohhhhmydays it’s so good! This was the second attempt as the first batch was a huge watery fail (soul destroying because I HATE wasting food!).
Recipe below! 👇
1 medium sweet potato (about 400g)
1 cup flour (I used a tapioca and rice blend)
1 egg
1 tbsp avocado oil (can use butter instead)
Salt and pepper
Chop sweet potato, place in a microwaveable dish and cover. Microwave for 5 mins (or longer if necessary) until cooked through. Dab any moisture off the cooked potato chunks - otherwise the dough won’t work. Then mash the potato and season with salt, pepper and avo oil. Beat in egg then stir in flour until a dough forms. Allow mixture to cool (refrigerate if you have time) and then roll into little balls. Coat in a little more flour to prevent them from sticking together. Place in a pan of boiling water and cook for 2-3 mins until they float. I then panfried them in a little garlic butter with sage leaves and salt and pepper. Yummmm doesn’t even cover it! Enjoy x
#meatfreemonday #thepaleopeach

Happiness is summer evening walks in the woods, listening to the birds tweeting, breathing the purest air, cuddling my dogs and feeling grounded in nature. Perfect Sunday evening ❤️ now to quickly prep some BBQ vegan tacos for lunches for the week! #selfcaresunday #thepaleopeach #marthabunty

When you ask for one slice of toast so @glassofwaterpapi just ASSUMES you only wanted one egg?? All I want in life is for men to guess exactly what I want without me ever having to communicate it. On the plus side he makes me breakfast every Saturday ❤️ #eggseverydamnday #thepaleopeach

Never has a postcard spoken truer words to me lolz. This has basically been my entire life the last few months. Every winter I feel unmotivated and a little off with everything, but this year it’s kinda continued into summer and I’m only just feeling my motivation coming back. It feels good to have my focus back and I’m setting intentions and objectives when it comes to eating well and training smart. I’m excited to see some progress!

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