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Winter is coming. So today we had a pack of Cape Hunting Dogs kill an impala in front of Rattray's camp. The Eyrefield pride were in the river at Charleston North and two males including a third unidentified young male were in the south as well as the Teardrop female and her two cubs. The Kambula pride and two Matshipiri males in the north killed a wildebeest and finished that this morning they later stole a fresh Impala kill from the Tamboti female leopard. There were 15 hyena at the densite with another Impala kill. The Sibuye female and Piccadilly female had an altercation this morning getting disrupted by the Senegal Bush male, he later killed an Impala ram this afternoon. The Accipiter male was seen hauling an impala in the Matshipiri river. And to top it all off I found these two male Cheetah in Clarendon. #malamalagamereserve #itsallaboutthewildlife 🙌

The old pied kingfisher just doing its thing. #itsallaboutthewildlife #malamalagamereserve

The legend continues. The Bicycle Crossing male on the prowl. Arguably one of the most dominant forces to walk these parts 💪 #malamalagamereserve #itsallaboutthewildlife #leopard

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. So they say. #malamalagamereserve #itsallaboutthewildlife

It's that time of the year. After all the beautiful growth we have had, our roads have all but disappeared. This a calling for some A team "pangaring". Gees levels 120% #itsallaboutthewildlife #buggers #thatswhatitsallabout

These animals are too epic. #malamalagamereserve #itsallaboutthewildlife

My neighbour, uncharacteristically revealing himself on the path that leads to my room. #malamalagamereserve #itsallaboutthewildlife

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