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THE OUTLAW  Strength & Conditioning Centre Operation Hours: Weekday ➡ 7am to 3am Weekend ➡ 8am to 3am 🎥 The Outlaw Visits Villain Barbell Club:


A super inspiring story of @pushtoinspire. Believe in yourself and keep doing YOU!

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"I was born with a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta. It’s essentially brittle bones. What it means is that my bones break easily. I’ve broken my bones so many times that I’ve stopped walking since I was two. My mum had to carry me in her arms throughout my childhood until I got my first wheelchair when I was 10.
My dad had the same condition. He couldn’t walk until he was 30. Ever since I was young he always explained to me who I was and what my worth is. He taught me not to care about other people's opinions. One of the toughest times I’ve had was when my dad passed away. It was four days after I turned 14. I was at the hospital. I was suppose to check out after surgery. My dad wasn’t feeling well that morning. He got admitted to the hospital and died of a heart attack that day.
Everything changed after that. Because of that incident my mum wanted me to be more independent. She gave me a lot of freedom to learn. She always gave me options to choose. I never had a curfew. Everything was down to choices and responsibilities. I always knew that my parents were exceptional. They shaped most of my principals until today.
I've always felt that marathon running is very much like life. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from it. That’s why I decided to start doing marathons in 2012. I joined my first 10KM marathon that year and I almost fainted. But I trained harder and slowly graduated from 10KM to 21KM then 42KM. In 2013, I completed a 100KM marathon in 17 hours. I always like to test myself physically. See what’s my limit. I started going to the gym this year. Before that it was all body weight training. My next goal is to compete in the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. I resigned from my job in March to focus on training so there’s no turning back now. By hook or crook I need make it happen. But I know that I can do it if I give my 100%..." Photo: @crayonshinchin

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🎥 Outlaw Members Say: Anson Ho

We sat down with @anson__ho and he spoke about his experience with Outlaw. A very outgoing and down to earth young man who's determined to achieve his own goals. He lost about 20kg in a span of 6 months and has picked up powerlifting to gain back his strength.

We cannot express how happy and grateful we are to have helped people like him to change their lives for the better.

Conquer your own mind and you can conquer anything life puts in front of you.
@lukelangopowerlifting has been recently hand selected as one of our newest addition to the Outlaw Ambassador Program. Let's welcome him to the team! 💪 #outlawambassadors


Revealing our last speaker of the day: Azreena a.k.a Eena

Eena plays an active role as the Head of Finance for @powerliftingmalaysia (Malaysia Association For Powerlifting) and she is a competitive powerlifting athlete herself! She bagged home a U52kg gold medal and crowned champion for Overall Female Lifter at MPA 2017. What's even more interesting is that she is a busy mother of two, with one already on the way!

She's here to empower us on how ladies or moms like herself juggle between mommy duties and working schedules to fit in her training regime consistently.

Where did she find that drive and motivation to keep going? Find out this Saturday during the sharing session after the Fempower workout. Better book with us soon as we're almost out of space!


Revealing our first invited guest speakers for the day: Han Jia and Sophia Ho from @crucialrehab!

Both certified and truly passionate physiotherapists who specialise in manual therapy and movement science. Han Jia and Sophia would love to inspire the community and improve individual body awareness to embrace life through injury-free movements.

Crucial Rehab has been one of our supportive partners in providing sports rehabilitation at our facility for all our staff and members at a special rate. Come by this Saturday for our FEMPOWER SHARING SESSION and bring home a lesson or two from it!


Join our quirky ambassador for an ultimate sweat sesh that you'll not regret! In this session she will guide you to perform through a 15-minute stretch and warm up, followed by a 30-minute full body HIIT workout programmed to get you moving.

Join us this Saturday for FREE by booking with us ASAP - slots are already running out! * Psst, there will also be a sharing session, giveaway as well as free refreshments! 😋

💜 Wishing all our friends a happy, peaceful and prosperous Deepavali! 🌼

Those not celebrating this festive day, don't take this public holiday as an advantage to be couch potato 😜 Yes, The Outlaw will still be open tomorrow (18th Oct) from 7am to 3am. So see you guys there!

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

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Hey all! We are sad to announce that our LJ x Outlaw Pinknic Party this Saturday will be POSTPONED until further notice due to unforeseen circumstaces 😢 So ladies do take note!
But as most of you know, we usually have ladies FEMPOWER classes every Saturday at Outlaw. So guess what, this time we'll be running it a little different this week! ✨
We will have a FREE workout session which includes resistant band warm-ups and high intensity exercises that will keep you sweating 💪💦🔥
There will also be a short sharing session with our invited guest speakers who will share with us their knowledge & experience in the fitness field!
Keep an eye out as we'll soon reveal who our guest speakers are!
RSVP with us via DM or comment down below! Limited to 15 ladies only.

Take note Outlaw Fam: Please do book your slot with us every week through commenting down below to avoid disappointments! Weekend Classes this week! .

Saturday 21th October
9am-11am FREE FEMPOWER for Ladies (Open)
4pm - 5pm ASP for Kids (Open)

Sunday 22th October
9am-10am Weightlifting Level 1(A) (Open) 10am-11am Weighlifting Level 1(B) (Open) 10am-11am Powerlifting Level1 (Open)
11am-12pm Weightlifting Level 2 (Open) 11.15am-12.15pm Powerlifting Level 2 (Open) 12.30pm-1.30pm Powerlifting Level 3 (Open)

Slots are in demand, so make sure you book them quick every week! Just comment down below to book your slot.

What's going on at The Outlaw for Hari Sukan Negara? To all Malaysian powerlifters, whether your totals are big or not, do head over for the MAP membership drive that's currently happening NOW!
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Majulah Sukan untuk Negara! Come join us for our MAP Membership Drive at The Outlaw (@theoutlawmy ) now! In conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara.
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We decided to pay a visit to this epic bodybuilding gym in Kota Damansara - @villainbarbellclub! Big thanks to the founder @munloonglift for the tour and even slotting in a training session with us 💪

Go check out the full video on our youtube. Link in our BIO 👆

We're open to do other gym tours in the future, so if you'd like us to feature your training ground, let us know and we'll work something out together!

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