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Theory Hair Salon  phone // (406) 586-3198 -- now shop our products online! Link below 👇🏻

Finger waves for days by @beauty_operator_ styled with @randcohair // #thebeautyoperator

No more color down the drain at Theory -- thanks to our partnership with @greencirclesalons you can now feel even better about your trip to the salon, because we are now diverting up to 85% of our salon's waste that would otherwise end up in our landfills! ⠀

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Colorzoom 2017 INFLUX // // #hairbymicahthornton

Photo >> @morth_photo

Colorzoom 2017 INFLUX // @hairbyhollyking // #hairbyhollyking⠀⠀ Model >> @missylicious22
Photo >> @morth_photo

Colorzoom 2017 INFLUX // // #hairbykatieminalga

Goldwell Academy >> @michellepargee + @michaelshire
Photo >> @kalejfstudio
Model >> @lanatempel

Wishing a very happy 3 year salon anniversary to Micah! We want to thank Micah for her hard work and dedication to continuing education and perfecting her craft. We also want to thank her for keeping us young and reminding us to get outside! Cheers to many more years!

Colorzoom 2017 INFLUX // @beauty_operator_ // #thebeautyoperator

Model >> @aimeelf
Photo >> @morth_photo

Colorzoom 2017 INFLUX // // #hairbykatieminalga

Editorial cut + color + style by @lilmsjoan // #hairbyjoandayton

Photo >> @morth_photo

In-salon hair painting class with @lilmsjoan // #hairbyjoandayton

Perfect Lob by @deedidthis // #hairbydeannawestland

Incredible transformation (swipe for before) by // #hairbymicahthornton

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