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Johnathan Farris  The Organized Dad LLC Life is a battle that breaks everyone. When you are ready to win, you must start at home. theorganizeddad@gmail.com

We've got ourselves a hoarder. Oh well, clean up is a breeze when everything has a home.

Keep the things you use daily at the ready. Sort it, store it and and put it back when you're done. Oh, and marry an Organizeddad to maintain it every now and then.

Decluttering. Organizing. Searching for joy.
Where do you start?
It must begin with a vision. A vision of the life you want to live.
See it. Feel it. Trust in it.
This is the life you are meant for. Hold this vision and study it. What does it contain? And just as important, what does it lack? Notice, clutter and chaos do not reside there.
When you struggle with a decision to "let go" reference your vision.
It contains the answers.

Decluttering your house allows you to use your spaces in a practical manner. Rather than cabinets full of never and seldomly used items, we are able to fit our house to our needs.
Store things where you use them. In this case, a mini hair salon is created daily in the kitchen. The place we get my daughter ready for the day.

One of my favorite follows is @lam_lis. If you need meal ideas or just want to stare drooling at some phenomenal cooking, follow her. I guarantee your stomach will be glad you did!

You must dream to have a vision.
Getting organized begins with knowing yourself. Knowing where you are and where you want to be.
So dream big and dream often. Create a vision of your ideal life and notice that clutter and disarray are not a part of it.
So, pitch it, donate it, burn it. Whatever it takes. Just get on with it.
#stareitdown #flexyourmuscles #takecontrol

We all know that humans are creatures of habit.
Use this to your advantage. Start routines that keep you in the driver's seat of your day. Be the mom or dad that has his or her shit together.
#thankskatespade #yousavedmelastchristmas

Remember a time when you ended a relationship, traded in a car, or sold your house. You knew that you were ready for more.
Decluttering is no different.
Trust yourself. You can let it go.
These are the moments when you open yourself up for #greatness to walk into your life.
You got this.
Need help? Hit me up.

Organizing your life starts within. If your mind is not right, your world will never be in order.
Work on creating routines that bring out your best. It's amazing how everything begins to fall in line when you take the time to manage yourself properly.
#honestly #itsasgrossasitlooks

Bath time is usually a disaster, but at least getting her PJs on afterwards is a breeze. She knows where everything is and does it herself. A few extra minutes folding and sorting go a long ways when you're ready to be done at the end of a brutally long day.

It's the day after Halloween. Time to put your decor in its 11 month home, the basement. As always, get rid of the stuff you won't use again and put it in a labeled bin for next year.

Dear Fall and Winter,
We are ready for all the mud and snow you can throw at us. Bring it on!
I bought the coat hooks @potterybarn and the boot mat @target.
Have any questions or need any advice?
Drop me line, I will respond.

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