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Johnathan Farris  Everyday organizing pics and ideas. I Iove those fancy flawless photos as much as the next guy. But be serious, that's not real life.

Need to clean your fridge? Take it one shelf at a time. Remove all contents. Wipe it down. Throw out the crap you don't use. Replace, doing your best to give everything its own home. #murica

I am obsessed with efficiency. Only keeping the things you need and love allows for maximum organization. The better you manage your possessions the better you can maximize your time. #organizeddad

Decide today to reduce the clutter in your life.
You underestimate the energy it steals from your soul. Begin to live a life surrounded only by the things that bring you joy.
You can trust me, I'm a genius.
Thanks Cracker Barrel!

The Organized Lola.
Watching movies and snacking like this on a one hour road trip. Seriously, does it get any better for a 5 year old?
Two minutes later she says, " where's my drink?"
#crap #knewiforgotsomething #turnaround

Efficiency is the name of the game. Getting organized will allow you to maximize your time. I always know where my wallet and keys are. How much time do you lose searching for yours?

Clearly, daddy dressed the kids today.

Take everything out. Wipe the shelves down. Give everything its own place. Get rid of the crap you don't use or need.

Here's an easy one. The silverware drawer. You open it several times a day. Organizing it not only makes it functional, but looks nice too. Start with a small project to build momentum. Clutter in your life, clutters your mind. #buildmomentum

Two date nights in one week.

With toys, staying ahead of the game is key. Instead of one shelf buy two. Instead of one bin buy twenty. Even if they are empty you will be ready for the storms that are holidays and birthdays.
Remember, it's easy to put things away that have a home.

Hey Lola. Your glam squad is no longer homeless.
#iwatchtoomuchrealhousewiveswithmywife #Yourewelcome

Location. Location. Location.
A key point to staying organized is keeping things where you use them.
This is our hall closet, we keep the kids towels, blankets, and hamper here. Also a stash of TP and Kleenex. All within reach of their rooms and bathroom.

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