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Johnathan Farris  The Organized Dad LLC Life is a battle that breaks everyone. When you are ready to win, you must start at home. theorganizeddad@gmail.com

Cleaning your bathroom sink is difficult when it's covered in toiletries. Keep them neatly stored below. Not enough room in the cabinet? Get rid of most of that garbage. Everyone, trust me, you don't need that crap to be beautiful. Stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself some credit. You are you. Be confident and own yourself.

The seasons are changing, time to sort through the old and make way for the new.
Remember, if you have young kids they probably won't fit into almost EVERYTHING next summer. Get rid of it now and enjoy the emptiness of a couple drawers or baskets.

An easy way to start eliminating clutter is begin with your clothes. Start with the sock drawer.
Any with holes, pitch.
Any too stretched out, pitch.
Any just plain ugly, pitch.
Any you don't wear anymore, pitch.
DO NOT SAVE THEM FOR RAGS! Throw them away and move on with your life.
Build momentum. You can do it!
#holy💩balls #thosearegross

So proud that we got our new pumper truck right before September 11th.
We will #neverforget

The ritual of making the beds is like early morning therapy. Use any alone time you get to focus your mind and gain clarity. Set goals and get things done.

We hold on to sentimental items out of fear. Fear of losing a memory. Fear of forgetting a special moment in time.
Do not live with fear in your heart. Control your mind and recognize that all of your memories live forever inside of YOU.

Being organized requires you to face a harsh reality at times. You must get rid of everything you do not use. Even if they are expensive, sentimental or pretty.
Just do it! The liberating feeling of saying good-bye to the stuff cluttering your life is like a breath of fresh air.

Kids were created to destroy an organized home. How do you defeat them?
Give everything a home and teach them to put things back where they belong.
Stay vigilant, and they will learn.
#3turntables #butnomicrophone

Vigilance is the only way to maintain organization. Give everything a home. Never leave things in disarray. Ever.
Focus on maintaining order.
You can do it!

Being organized starts in your mind. Start today by knowing what you want and knowing what you don't want. Everything else will fall in line.

Drawer dividers are great, but expensive. So make your own. I bought some cedar planks and wood glue at #homedepot.
So easy! Plus the smell of cedar puts a smile on my face.

We utilize a family calendar and bulletin board in the most trafficked room in our house: the kitchen.
Remember, the most important thing to keep organized is your MIND.

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