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John Lenti 

This delighted me. How hungrily and lovingly the women look at that little guy.

Saw JC meeting SJB at the Snite Gallery at Notre Dame. Reminded me of these little rascals.

CASEY, ILLINOIS! Location of the world’s largest wind chime, pencil, rocking chair, knitting needles, pitchfork, and golf tee, and most perfectly Midwestern paradise. Go there! #caseyillinois #rockingchair #worldrecord #windchimes #pencil #golftee

No idea how quickly this escalated, but escalate it most certainly did.

These guys. 48 hours.

How lovely to see these several cabooses, e'en though they're no longer being put to their traditional uses.

Victor got to drive the bus! Thanks, bus driver!

In a month or so, my favorite time of year in Seattle, I will rain down on these like an unholy fire and I will not rest until my neighbor's yard is so utterly denuded of blackberries that I get a prize for being Washington state's greatest bulwark against this vile, yummy invasive species. I WILL BECOME DEATH, DESTROYER OF BLACKBERRIES. (I'm going to eat them)

If they can make Pluto a planet again, they should also bring back the caboose. This one needs some serious rehabilitation, but by golly, the ole gal has a heart under those admonitions and that graffiti.

There is much that I love about my adopted hometown, but this house symbolizes some of my problems with it. It is too big, it expanded too fast (Relative to the house that was there before), it is too gray, and its overemphasis upon and overuse of technology, in this case CAD, are making parts of it unutterably bland.

The aftermath. Made it approximately 30 feet out of the driveway and <zonk>

"I'm a-fixin to mess this thing up somethin fierce, y'all."

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