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  A lover and a fighter. NYC. {Die sonne wo keine ist.}

Painted sky on the ride home last night. 👉🏻 video. 😍

Happy Friday 🌈
This was a long, hard week but finally Friday is here. Flip 👉🏻 for photo taking weirdness 🥴

You be you. I’ll be me ❣️


Please don’t feed the crocodiles 🐊

Spring had arrived and wow are the Magnolia trees Magnificent!!!

Yay❣️Finallly made it! Happy Friday ❣️🧁

Passes by a spot I worked for ten years some years ago at a Japanese Bank. It was a span of time where I did so much growing intellectually and personally. I used to sit by this fountain, eating lunch or taking breaks looking across at Radio City, daydreaming, feeling like this world was limitless. Sometimes, I would imagine that scene in The Godfather with Michael and Kay and, their relationships so new, walking right by Radio City in the Winter during Christmas, just before everything changed for them.
It’s always bittersweet when I pass here. It’s filled with great memories of all the great people I had the pleasure of knowing and learning from, but also sadness for a time gone and that part of me that is gone—changed from things I wish I didn’t know and things I wish I never had to experience. But that’s life and I try to hold onto that hopeful, limitless feeling that I can still conjure up when I sit here by this fountain.

“The Path is the Goal!”
Trying to keep this saying in the forefront of my mind on one of the longest weeks. 🥴

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the West Side. The museum is built on the retired military aircraft carrier, The Intrepid.

MoCCA Fest 2019
MoCCA Fest was so much fun. I got to hang with Fran (@frannerd) and Ed (@edpavez) and pick up one of the cutest dog pins from Fran. Be sure to check out their page and Fran’s YouTube! So talented!
Another highlight was illustrator Greg Manchess (@gmanchess) who’s work breathtaking! He has an amazing graphic novel out. I will post more pictures during the week. #moccafest2019 #moccafest

Riding into the weekend 🚲

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