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The Onion  The Onion has obtained hundreds of documents from an anonymous source within the White House.

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'The Onion' reveals Trump's February 21 intelligence briefing on Kim Jong-Un and Iranian missile technology. Visit for more #TrumpDocuments (link in bio).

Insisting that he’s capable of reaching the same heights as in the past, small forward Carmelo Anthony told reporters Wednesday that he is confident he can still help a contender flame out in the first round. “I may not be in my prime anymore, but I know I still have what it takes to help a team secure a high playoff seed and then get unexpectedly trounced in the first round,” said Anthony, who claimed he has not lost the skills to make an All-Star game, get fans’ hopes up in the regular season, and then implode against an inferior opponent before even reaching the conference championship. #OnionSports

Onion Exclusive: Vice President Pence's Handwritten Notes. Visit for more #TrumpDocuments (link in bio).

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Sad and lonely from the diplomatic trip that has kept him thousands of miles away from his private estate for almost a week, a homesick Donald Trump stayed up all night on the phone with the automated Mar-a-Lago reservations line, sources said Wednesday. “The dining room will be open from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., and tonight’s specials will be braised lamb with vegetables and herb-roasted salmon served on a bed of orzo, in addition to a six-star seafood buffet that will be served on the patio,” said the concierge’s voice on a pre-recorded message as the president, huddled under the blanket in his hotel, wiped tears away with his pajama sleeve and reminded himself that he only had three more days to go. #TheOnion

Dr. Scholl's Introduces Line Of Sexy Lace Insoles

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Rural Working-Class Archbishops Come Out In Droves To Welcome Trump To Vatican

Noting how important it is to make a good first impression, Pittsburgh Pirates rookie first baseman Josh Bell told reporters before Tuesday’s game against the Atlanta Braves that he’s still nervous about chatting with opposing baserunners. “Gosh, I just hope I don’t say anything stupid to them,” said Bell, who was reportedly concerned about coming off as too eager to talk as well as running out of things to say, especially when interacting with some of the league’s more veteran players. “Am I supposed to talk about the game, or are we supposed to discuss other stuff? I don’t want to seem overly friendly, but I also don’t want to seem like an idiot by acting tough or whatever. Maybe I’ll just play it cool and not say anything.” #TheOnion

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