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Nelz🌿Gold YL Leader  just a mama sharing her love for aromatherapy and a plantbased lifestyle with 𝓨𝓸𝓾𝓷𝓰 𝓛𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓔𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓪𝓵 𝓞𝓲𝓵𝓼 Member ID# 3885847.

Bring the rejuvenating aromas of your favorite Young Living essential oils everywhere you go with this convenient and beautiful diffuser bracelet. Its gorgeous design includes bright, elegant beads and lava stones. Just add a drop of your favorite essential oils to the porous lava rocks that emit small bursts of calming scents all while making a cute statement with The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation Empower charm. All proceeds from this purchase will support the Young Living Foundation.


Now warm and spice and everything nice can go with you wherever you go! Thieves® Roll-On comes prediluted and ready for application, so you’ll never leave the house without it! Stuck in an airplane with recycled cabin air? Working in a musty, old office space? Hosting a play date for your kiddies? Swipe on some Thieves and you’re good to go! You’ll adore its ability to purify the air, take advantage of its topical cleansing properties, and fall in love with its cozy and comforting aroma.

Legend says that in France during the 15th century, thieves would sneak into graveyards to rob from the dead and dying. According to the tales, they protected themselves by creating a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. Today, Thieves Roll-On is inspired by those legendary tales. Combining Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils, this roll-on gives you the assistance you need for any kind of day!


ready to gather with sweet friends and share my passion for Young Living over some hot apple cider tea and ginger spice cake! it doesn’t get any better than this 🌸


mmmmm... spiced cider #diffuserblend on this chilly fall night 🍂

A social circle, comprised of both friends and acquaintances, is vital to our well-being. It is valuable to expand and improve your friend base as you pursue a life in Oola.

The INFUSED Friends™ Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to bring harmonic balance to the energy centers of the body, which encourages feelings of self-worth, empowerment, confidence, and awareness.

Friends affirmation: I am blessed with empowering, healthy relationships.


okay out of the Feelings collection which one oil do you attach yourself to the most right now?

for me it’s Harmony. It used to be Valor. And of course I can’t be without any of these but Harmony has been helping me whenever I’m in my feelings.
Brief way I like to use the feelings kit: •Valor on soles of feet to transform my life. •Harmony over heart to give & receive love. •Forgiveness around navel to forgive myself & others. •Release over liver to release negativity from my body. •Present Time around ears to let go of the past. •Inner Child under nose as a reminder that I are enough.
I can’t tell others enough about how essential oils have helped my family and I with emotional support. It’s just something you have to experience yourself.
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Saturday, I’m hoping to meet up with a few friends and share my passion for Young Living at my local @bewellbakery so if any of you are not a member yet and would like a mini intro to oils, be sure to stop by between 3-5pm! I would be delighted to introduce you to the amazingness of these plantbased products. And if you message me to RSVP (specially since this private room is very tiny as you can see lol) ahead of time I’ll be sure to bring extra goodies so you get a free booklet and sample 😉 I will be serving some yummy hot tea ☕️ but the cafe itself is AMAZING!!!! You’ll be glad you stopped in.
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This Autumn Air #diffuserblend is giving me life right now. Making my home smell so warm and fresh at the same time 🍂


tell me you know how incredible this oil is 🙌 with over 500MHz of energy frequency it makes it the ultimate powerhouse slash oil of oils! for those of you that are lost, it’s okay, I’ve been there lol. Let me try to explain frequencies. Please note I am no expert. But this science is freaky cool to me 🤓

Okay if you remember back when we had science in school you know everything is made up of energy. This bio-energy has an electromagnetic vibrational frequency. Everything has a frequency! But not everything or everyone has the same frequency. It goes up and down. Things like toxic ingredients, bad food, negative emotions, pharmaceuticals, and synthetics are some things that decrease our frequencies. Know what increases our frequencies? You guessed it..essential oils!! (Insert angelic background music here). Which is why us oilers go cray cray for this plant juice because yuckyness doesn’t manifest much around these parts 😉 Essential oils have high frequencies to help our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beings. And you would go insane if I told you that this bottle right here (Idaho Blue Spruce) has the highest frequency of all oils at an astonishing 580 MHZ!!!!!!! So next time you think these bottles are just aromas that smell amazing be sure to think of the science behind these drops of pure gold 😘

Here are some measured frequencies and the reason you will want to avoid descreasing your frequency: Death 25MHZ. Negative Thoughts: -12. Drinking Coffee -14. Smoking a Cigarette -17. Canned And Processed Foods: 0, but Fresh Food 27. Praying: +15.

I see essential oils as a necessity and a tool for balancing life at all levels in the most natural way that exists.
Now that you know why I love these products and believe in the power that God has created for our bodies, tell me why are you still not a Young Living member????? #theoilymamatribe

thinking about how thankful and grateful i am for this incredible community. today has, again, confirmed why i flipping LOVE Young Living - la gente! aka the people 🙌💕 y’all, it’s seriously the best experience i’ve ever had. i mean, i thought i was just buying a kit when i joined. Little did i know it came with the best gift of friendships i could ever ask for 😭💕 people from all over the world coming together through social media and legit partying together!! P.S. i know someone will ask so.. I got this Ningxia jar free when I went to today’s #YLUNITES #PHILLYYLRALLY 🤷‍♀️ #theoilymamatribe

Who’s excited about the rally today?! I’m sooo hype over the holiday catalog release. Eeeeeeek. Where are you at a rally?! #YLunites #PhillyYLRally #theoilymamatribe

Currently in love with this #diffuserblend during my team’s Marco Polo Aromatherapy #biblestudy on the topic “Vision”. Tapping into the power of God’s vision for our lives by meditating on scriptures of promise because breaking up with fear is our duty 🙌💕 If you’re in my tribe and want to join us message me for the MP link 😘 if you’re not yet in our tribe, hurry and grab your Premium Starter Kit and message me after for the link to join us in this incredible study. We are going to be making #visionboards and praying for one another on a whole-nother-level

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