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Beautiful and luscious, the Nandy wig is a long-layered wig, beautifully blending a rich blonde with a luscious espresso for a gorgeous effect. Made of 100% human hair, it has a natural feel, allowing you to look flawless every time you wear it. The Nandy is available at Slay my hair👉

This 26" full silk wig has romantic loose waves creating a stunning silhouette that effortlessly takes your look from day to night. Nandy is available at slay my hair 👉

Slay my hair wigs offer the most realistic look especially for those who wear wigs on a day to day basis. This is the Nandy luxury wig by slay my hair. Full set of 3D mink slay lashes included. 👉

Because the surreal is always reality at the slay network. No it's not breakfast, it's a fascinator! See details to get the look at slay beauty👉

There is no comparison. Hand Made for moves and shakers. This piece features a fun shaped frame, high end accents, gradient colored accents and oh yes lots and lots of bling. Available now at Slay my shades👉

Be organized; yet let your life flow. Get clear on what you want, what you “need” to do, and what makes you happy. Clarity allows life to flow more effortlessly.
Remember that life truly is a journey. Don’t feel like you have to constantly rush through things to get to a certain destination. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the ebbs and flows of life, enjoy the right now and have gratitude for every second you have on this earth. You are more than what you do, produce or achieve. Don't believe for a second that your output and your income dictate your worth! They don't.
What are you going to do this week to do your best? What are some reminders you set for yourself to remember to be your best self each and every day? Learn more at Slay motivation👉

Keep Living Man City! We refuse to live in fear!

Find out How a swimsuit company gained 300K followers on Instagram in 48hrs at Slaytition👉

Low back evening dresses are incredibly sexy and are a great idea for spring and summer not to feel too hot - See details at Slay network👉

Three sexy Angels. Wearing look 02-08 by Slay my look. 👉

We are currently obsessed with edgy contemporary pieces. We look for rompers and jumpsuits with asymmetrical cuts, textured fabric, structured bodies and off shoulder details. - This is look 02-08 by slay my look 👉

Step out and slay in these Exquisitely beautiful round sunglasses. An Oversized round frame, with beautifully pearl accents all over the frame and handle, give this pair of sunglasses a touch of high fashion. Available now at Slay my shades 👉

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