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Signa Mae ♡♡♡  13 - Spotify (theofficialsig) - Positivity - Be kind hearted 🌹

"think of something that makes you happi" 🦋💋

Okay yea hi. So lately i know that things have been kind of like rocky and stuff with my social media and so i just thought it was appropriate and almost necessary for me to say something. A lot of social media stars don't admit things that they have done, or even admit that they aren't okay because it will "ruin their image". Well sweetie, i don't play around with that life. Especially because i'm sick of lying or putting on a show for myself. We are all humans, and as that we ALL do make mistakes at one point in our lives. And don't you dare comment "i haven't" because. Yes. Yes you have. Sorry to admit it but WE ALL DO. The good part about that is most of us learn from them, as I have. Loosing my brother was the hardest thing ever. But I was thinking about the fact that others have so much worse things happening, or even the same thing going on. And on another note it doesn't invalidate yours. But, when bad things happen we tend to "lose ourseves" So heres this : Ladies and gentlemen, life isn't fair. and it sure as hell is going to get hard at times. And i know that it does suck. it really really does. But that doesn't mean you can't rise above it and do your best to make the most out of each and every single day. If you go through life being positive and truthful you will succeed and there will be good things coming your way. 💛 You see, i'm not posting this for attention. or posting this to make someone feel bad for me. I'm posting this because other people won't. And its time to put this out there. A lot of people aren't "okay". But soon we all will be. Keep smiling, beautiful. And don't hold on to the past. It's back there for a reason. ✨💋 Xx.

my beautiful best friend && birth giver 💛🌹✨

be happi 💛🌙🌙

messy hair && a messy room in one pic??! 🍍🌙

good night, sleep well sunshine ✨

i love you (i have a belly button, my skirts high waisted lol)

Happy Birthday America xo #fourthofjuly

hii :-) i've been remodeling my room & other fun activities so i haven't been very active!! that will change this wknd though!! i love you alllll 🌙🌹🌹

hey baby, you're beautiful.

this is an important thing to read, remember, and keep in mind throughout your day. so many people are going through hard things, but we never seem to focus on all of the good. cherish what you have and be thankful, for you are blessed.

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