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meanwhile elsewhere  Notes from a photographer in China & the Central Asian 'stans. Contributor to @everydayasia & @eyesonchinaproject

In transit

A mathematics coaching poster I saw in Colombo, Sri Lanka. When your child struggles with Math, maybe they need some Hogwarts-style magical discipline! #Colombo #HarryPotter #Snape

Nine moments from 2016 (ranked by an app based on 'likes'). Here's to an exciting 2017!

Calcutta, India

Visiting Kolkata - inevitable shot of Howrah bridge..

Evening falls on Andijan, Uzbekistan

‘Then shall my native city, Samarcanda…
Be famous through the furthest continents,
For there my palace-royal shall be placed,
Whose shining turrets shall dismay the heavens,
And cast the fame of Ilion’s tower to hell.’
Christopher Marlowe from 'Tamerlane'

Uzbek women say a prayer in the Tilya Kori Madrasah overlooking the Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
In case you were wondering, Ilion is another name for the ancient city of Troy. I definitely had to look that up.

Chorsu bazaar. Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Found a new use for the center pouch on my Newswear camera bag - it's large enough to carry a million Uzbek som, which is less than 200USD on the black market. Feels a bit illegal but it's quite common to carry around large bricks of cash here, with the overall weakness of the currency - further weighed down by the falling ruble - and the large gap between the official and black market rate. @newswear_bags #UzbekSom

Morning light at the Khiva livestock bazaar. Uzbekistan

Stores and restaurants light up for the evening rush in Baishizhou, one of Shenzhen's key urban villages now undergoing demolition. In a city whose growth was and is largely defined by its immigrant roots, the removal of such urban villages as a place where newcomers can get their start marks a slow change in Shenzhen's direction. This photo is an outtake from a newly published feature on @ChinaFile about Baishizhou, "One of China's most important urban villages." Read more at : @AsiaSociety @AsiaSocietyHK #baishizhou #urbanvillage

An Uzbek tightrope walker at the World Nomad Games last week in Kyrgyzstan. I'm focusing most of my @Instagram energies over at @newyorkerphoto this week. Please follow @newyorkerphoto to see more of my ongoing travels in Central Asia