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The Oakwood Canadian Bistro  YVR

Seared albacore tuna, yellow curry emulsion, shredded endive, fennel gel, lemon aioli, pickled radish, smoked malden salt #oakwoodseason #kitsilano #tuna #yvreats #cooklifexfam

📷by @t_ar_o

Hey crew! The Oakwood is looking to bring additional cooks and dishwashers to our team. Cooks with experience, passion and dedication will find a great team to work with here. To those with less experience, a position for dishwasher is a great way to learn about kitchens operate- and try some pretty great food while you're at it. Email chefjason@the thanks! #oakwoodseason #kitsilano

Pan seared ricotta whipped polenta, smoked eggplant purée, lemon vinaigrette, pickled carrots and cippolini onions, sea asparagus #oakwoodseason #kitsilano #yvreats #isgoodforyou #cooklifexfam

Alright crew, starting today The Oakwood will be offering mead at the bar and in the dining room! Mead is an ancient drink- predating even the first known fermentation of grains and fruit- derived of fermented honey. Mead has been attributed to being the basis for the phrase 'honeymoon' and 'nectar of the gods', as well as fostering a long and healthy life. We may not be able to prove that last one, but we can assure it tastes pretty great! The Oakwood will be offering flights of Mead from Tugwell Creek Winery, featuring fruit infused, spice infused, and pure honey varietals. Come on down and give it a try! 🐝🍯#oakwoodseason #mead #springdrinks #kitsilano #yvreats

Cardamom chocolate ganache, orange gel, sesame praline, earl gray ice cream #oakwoodseason #kitsilano #yvreats #cooklifexfam

Grilled humboldt squid, pepperoni ragu, potato purée, crispy croquettes, gremolota. 📷 by @bitemevancouver #squid 🐙#oakwoodseason #kitsilano #yvreats #cooklifexfam

The whole team took the day off to spend some time together and show how much we all appreciated being part of the team- by taking a bus to laser tag and just destroying each other. It was just like being a kid again! Kids with agonizingly sore legs and knees. And our backs, good lord our backs. Service might be a bit tough for the next few days #oakwoodseason #jokewood #aimforcarl

A lot of fun techniques go into preparing our pork cheek dish. Fresh yogurt is infused with smoke over the course of several hours. The purple powder is made from dehydrated and finely diced cabbage. House made sourkraut is fermented on site for a week. In order to get the pork cheeks as tender as possible we brine them over night, sous vide them for 36 hours and sear to order. We have a great time with it! #pork🐷 #oakwoodseason #kitsilano #yvreats #cooklifexfam

Seared duck breast, charred brocollini, cherry gastrique, smoked lentils, black garlic purée, brown butter powder #duck #oakwoodseason #kitsilano #cooklifexfam #yvreats

Burrata cheese, chestnut cream, roasted gold beets, pickled grapes, seed and rye cracker 🧀🍇#oakwoodseason #burrata #kitsilano #yvreats #cooklifexfam

Way to go for Aaron from our kitchen team for having the snow orcas he made at Kits beach featured in the Vancouver Sun. They're super cool! ❄️🐳#kitsilano #snowcouver

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