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Theo Maxfield  Avid cocktail maker, professional barman, proficient nappy changer. Mixologist & bartender for hire. Abruzzo workshop - @marte_marie_forsberg

‘The DMC Bloody Maria’ .
Not suitable for vegetarians!
It’s been an absolute delight getting to work with @thedorsetmeatcompany To make two meat based cocktails using their delicious, ethically sourced meat. They hand pick the finest grass-fed, outdoor reared meat produced sustainably and in harmony with nature to put into their meat boxes that are delivered straight to your door.
This hearty meal in a glass is based on the beloved Bloody Mary cocktail. I’m going to be using @thedorsetmeatcompany ‘s smoked streaky bacon 🥓 for this one with an @ilegalmezcal A deliciously smoky agave based spirit from Mexico, making our maiden cocktail a Maria, not Mary. .
Now bear with me a second, we don’t put the fat straight into the drink, we are going to wash our Mezcal with the bacon fat 🥓 to give it a meaty flavour. Once the fat is cooled put it in an old jam jar, with about 100ml of Mezcal to every tablespoon of bacon fat. Shake and leave on the kitchen side for the flavours to meld for about 3 hours, and then place in the freezer over night. The fat and the flavoured Mezcal will separate, lift off the bacon fat and strain the Mezcal through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. .
To make the DMC Bloody Maria, • 50ml Bacon fat washed @ilegalmezcal • 25ml chilli infused Sherry (leave 3 chillis cut in half in 150ml sweet sherry overnight) • 8 dashes Worcestershire sauce
• 2 dashes tobacco hot sauce
• 20ml Lemon juice
• 15ml lime juice
• pinch celery salt & ground black pepper
• 100ml rich and thick tomato 🍅 juice (doesn’t have to be homemade but it does taste amazing!) • streaky bacon, celery leaves and a sherry soaked chilli for garnish 🌶

In a Boston shaker, add all the ingredients and ice, and roll the cocktail (pouring from one half the shaker to the other instead of shaking - to add aeration without diluting!) or simply stir. Pour into a tall glass with ice, rimmed with celery salt. Garnish with that crispy bacon, greens and 🌶 & enjoy!! 📷 by @marte_marie_forsberg

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Just looking back over images from our trip to Norway back at the beginning of Summer when @marte_marie_forsberg took us down to the beach, on her picturesque island in the Oslofjord, to pine smoke mussels by the sea. It’s such a marvellous flavour that is new to me, it has certainly got me thinking about what interesting ways I can incorporate pine smoke in a drink! Anyway, whilst I’m daydreaming, @marte_marie_forsberg is making magic, she piles rocks together and buried the mussels amongst dried pine needles, lights the fire and smokes the mussels in the flames 🔥 Whilst the mussels are cooking she grinds fresh pine needles with salt to garnish the mussels. The end result is a deliciously crispy and salty snack that tastes like The Norwegian coast. It’s incredible. .
We have been trying to develop our skills of cooking and dining outside and it’s certainly a luxury to be enjoyed this time of year. This is he sort of thing we get up to on her #mmforsbergworkshop - if it’s in anyway interesting to you you should head over to her website, to see what workshops she has coming up. .
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Throwback to May when Marie, Emma and I hosted a Food & Photography workshop in the mountain top town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in Abruzzo, Italy. I am missing the cool spring weather and the refreshing hilltop air at the moment! ⛰ We has such a fantastic group of people from all over the world join us last time and the beautiful @sextantio hotel is just stunning 😵 .
The amazing @marte_marie_forsberg taught photography, food styling and visual storytelling - inspiring and hosting the group so effortlessly as she always does ;) we were of course joined by her talented mother, Yvonne, who led baking sessions and helped look after the little one. We got to learn how to make traditional Italian sweet treats and focaccia from local producers and enjoyed some top notch Wine from the region. We were joined by a guest teacher, the marvellous @brittchudleigh who brought so much joy to the workshop. .
In the evenings we gathered for cocktails. I got to teach the group how to make a different cocktail each evening and then we all got to sample some! @elena_guereta and @mohitmgupta got stuck in and made their own! Here’s the recipe for a little riff I came up with inspired by the town we were staying in. It’s a smooth and rich drink perfect for the evenings in a medieval town 🍹
‘The Stefano Smooth’ •50ml @conkerspirit cold brew
•25ml @disaronno_uk •10ml @campariofficial •2 dashes chocolate butters
•15ml brown sugar syrup
Orange peel for garnish
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir, strain, serve on the rocks with a twist of orange peel. .
To join us on our next Abruzzo workshop visit -
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Pimm’s Cup
With the unfortunate result from last nights football match (better luck next time 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) what better way to forget all your woes than to kick back and sip on a classic cocktail that never tires, summer is in full swing after all! .
When it comes to the most quintessentially English summer drink EVER, everyone has their own variation on the classic recipe of @pimmsgb & lemonade. Here’s mine for you to try!
Pimm’s Cup:
•50ml @pimmsgb Pimm’s Cup No.1
•20ml @cointreau •20ml fresh cranberry juice
@fentimansltd Victorian lemonade
@fevertreemixers Ginger ale
•Sliced strawberries, oranges, cucumber, lemon and mint
Add the first three ingredients and the sliced fruit to a tall glass with lots of ice - give it a good stir - top with twice as much ginger ale as lemonade - garnish with a cucumber ribbon and a sprig of mint. Enjoy!
Have a great summer! 😊

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After a long day of hard work, she had a brilliant idea to pack a towel in a bag and head across the field, down to the river. We started by dipping our toes in the water, after SOMEONE decided they wanted to pick a water fight, we quickly ended up attempting to swim in the shallow river. The water was just right and what a day for a swim!
We have just returned from Norway to find that summer is in full swing. It was a long journey on the road and so much has happened in the last few weeks, I feel like I have so much I want to share with you all - I have met and worked with loads of interesting people - expect a mountain of posts, stories and maybe even a few cocktails coming your way.
#roadtrip #wildswimming #englishsummer #norwegiansummer #river #misterwhiskey

I am super excited to announce that my website is up and running. To check it out visit
Photography by the beautiful @marte_marie_forsberg 📷

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Nothing quite beats the great British summer. @marte_marie_forsberg looks stunning in the evening sun, soaking up every last ray of sunshine. We are currently embarking on a 1500 mile road trip to Marie’s home in Norway so that Emma can meet her Nordic aunts, uncles and cousins. I am so looking forward to spending time here in Norway as their summers, in the Oslo fjord, are (possibly) even better than the ones back home... #martemarieforsberg #greatbritishsummer #Norwegiansummer

Seeing everything for the first time is exciting yet exhausting. Her face lights up with joy and a toothless grin stretches across her face every time there is a new sound, bright lights or a new face to exchange smiles with. Tired, she falls asleep next to us.
For those of you that don’t know, this is Emma. Emma has unwittingly changed my life, for the better, forever. I cannot imagine a world without her. Nothing can quite prepare you for being a father, but I so do enjoy the surprise as everyday Emma learns something new about the world and I get to learn something new about her. It’s simply beautiful.
I am sorry for the radio silence as of late, things have been exciting and crazy at the same time! I can’t wait til she wakes up so I can get to know her some more.
Thank you to everyone who has sent us cards and gifts. You have all been so kind and helpful. And a huge thank you to @marte_marie_forsberg For being the most thoughtful and caring mother to my beautiful girl. (📷by the exceptional @marte_marie_forsberg )
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Here we are searching for the perfect spot. She never ceases to surprise amaze me, often leaving me speechless! We have been on so many adventures already and I cannot wait for the next one. She is truly my better half. ❤️ @marte_marie_forsberg #adventuresahead

Every family has their own traditions when it comes to Christmas. I love the Forsberg’s tradition of celebrating Christmas with rice porridge at lunch, hidden in which is almond and whoever finds said almond amongst the delicious festive treat receives the almost holy marzipan pig - is one tradition that our daughter will definitely celebrate. I can’t wait for her to experience the two very different Christmas days, one after the other, one Norwegian and one English, one with porridge and one with mince pies. Merry Christmas & God Jul everyone! I hope you all enjoy your family traditions over Christmas and have a very happy new year. @marte_marie_forsberg

With the winter weather creeping up on us, and the cold biting our cheeks, we can’t help but embrace the chill and go on an adventure. I, personally, enjoy sitting by the fire in our favourite pub with a pint, but my far better half encourages chucking on a rain coat and exploring the woods with Mr Whiskey. Both are good when you have the best company imaginable @marte_marie_forsberg #winteradventures

I was introduced to delicious damson vodka liqueur whilst helping the beautiful @marte_marie_forsberg on a workshop. This amazing liqueur is made from handpicked damsons on family orchards in Yorkshire. It’s perfect for making a great cocktail - I mixed it with Braeburn apple juice, lemon, rose water and cardamom. Thankyou @susguthrie for introducing me to this amazing liqueur! #mmforsbergworkshop #cocktail #damsonvodka #damsontree #mixology

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