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Theo Maxfield  Avid mixologist, professional barman, story teller and father to Emma Aleksandra. For my better half - @marte_marie_forsberg

‘Fig-uratively speaking’

The fire is pretty much always roaring in our house. The walls are thick but the cold chill always manages to find its way in. Miraculously the fig tree in the corner of our garden has staved off the cold outside and the peckish birds and still had a few figs clinging to its branches. Figs are simply my favourite fruit, no questions asked. I think of them as nature’s answer to fudge. When I was introduced to the wonderful combination of figs and @remymartin cognac I was in heaven. The 1738 Accord Royal has beautiful notes of plum and figs with a hint of oak and dark chocolate which just marries perfectly with fresh figs... or even when they find their way into a liqueur that I just so happen to have made from the ones in my garden. Around the fire place, we needed a warming and indulgent drink that took us back to the vineyards in Cognac. This classy drink is a homage to classic cocktails and the elegance of this Cognac Fine Champagne.

60ml Remy Martin 1738 Accord Royal

25ml Sweet Vermouth

20ml Fig Liqueur

Dash Chocolate bitters

Stir the ingredients over ice, strain into a chilled coupe or stemmed glass, serve neat and garnish with a brûléed fig.


#remymartin #cognac

I just wanted to say thank you for following us on our adventure to Cognac, it was such an incredible and educational experience. I must admit, I have been taking it somewhat easy since arriving back here in the UK. Where as this woman has not stopped working. She is a driven and motivated individual that does not quit, her story is one of determination and cunning. She has built her business from the ground up and inspires me every day. She is an incredibly talented photographer, writer, cook and storyteller. For those of you that do not know, she is @marte_marie_forsberg, my much better half. She will be giving a talk at @messumswiltshire Saturday, the 6th October at 3:30pm. Tickets are available to purchase from their website. She will then be giving another talk and book signing at the Whitstable Food Festival in Kent the day after, at 4pm! So please do come along, I am so proud of her and all that she has achieved. Hope to see some of you there!
#martemarieforsberg #messums #wiltshire #whitstablefoodfestival

‘Cognac Sour’

Our time here in Cognac is coming to an end, it has been extraordinary and we have only scratched the surface. I cannot wait to return someday soon. The story of @remymartin is one that is told by audacious and spirited men and women, that spans three centuries. I am so refreshed by the idea that this is a family run business that are not just planning for tomorrow, or next year, but want to make sure they are sustainable so that they can be making Fine Champagne Cognac in three hundred years time.
This is exactly the mentality I wanted to recreate with my cocktails. I was so excited when we got our hands on a bottle of 1738 Accord Royal, naturally I wanted to make a cocktail. This here is a cognac sour:
* 50ml Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal
* 35ml lemon juice
* 1 egg white
* 20ml sugar syrup * 6 drops Peychaud bitters * Ginger ale to top
Dry shake the cognac, lemon, sugar and egg white in a shaker, add ice and shake hard. Double strain into a cold coupe or goblet glass. Top with a splash of ginger ale and garnish with the bitters and a twist of lemon.
#remymartin #cognac

‘Cognac Collins’

I am learning so much about the incredible craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of @remymartin Cognac. Every bottle has a history that spans hundreds of years. It is created with care and passion, but the most important ingredient is time. Time is truly what makes Rémy Martin unique. Everyone from the foresters to the cellar masters, the grape growers and winemakers to the people here at the Maison Rémy Martin that really believe in the Family run company.
This time and appreciation for their cognac makes it not only the best tasting cognac in the world but the best for cocktails too. Cognac were some of the first mixed drinks that started to appear around the end of the 19th century. This here is one made by the Rémy Martin in-house mixologist, Cédric, who made us this fantastic Cognac Collins:
* 50ml Rémy Martin 1738
* 20ml lemon juice
* 20ml sugar syrup * Soda/sparkling water to top
Add the Cognac, lemon and sugar into a tall glass with ice, stir and then top with the soda water. Garnish with a dried slice of orange, lemon grass and cranberries. Voila! #remymartin #cognac

A short flight, in a light aircraft, from Cognac sits a dense forest of lush greenery. Here you find French limousin oak trees. Tall, majestic trees that look like they have been there forever. This is where Oak is selected to make the barrels for the production of @remymartin’s Cognac. The trees are hand selected by experts who care for the forest and Work in harmony with nature. Only selecting the trees that have grown to around 170 years old. They make sure the wood is of quality and take the utmost care in choosing the right tree.
We managed to find the perfect spot under these trees, to sit and enjoy the afternoon sun. Marie has been keeping a journal of our time here in Cognac and captures the memories of this fantastic place. The feeling of standing here is quite something, knowing that these trees that are over 150 years old are just the beginning of the story of Remy Martin cognac!
@remymartin #remymartin #cognac

After a long journey, we arrived here in Cognac, France. We were warmly welcomed to our hotel and after a indulgent lunch we set out to explore a little bit with our newly acquainted travel companion.
I am so excited to be here and to be invited by @Remymartin to learn more about their history and their Cognac. Over the next few days I will be sharing with you some of our adventures here, I cannot wait, stay tuned!
@remymartain #remymartin #cognac

Just wanted to say a big well done to my beautiful @marte_marie_forsberg
Yesterday we traveled to the North of Wales to The Good Life festival after spending some time in her home of Norway🇳🇴 The festival is a gathering of incredible creative individuals and artists that are all so passionate about what they do. Their stories were just so inspiring!
Marie got the chance to do an outdoor cooking demonstration over open fire. This was her first ever cooking demo I might add! She whipped up some Norwegian stick bread, home made cheese, butter and kefir flatbreads with ease, all were so simple yet delicious!! She even got to sign a few copies of her brilliant cookbook, The Cottage Kitchen. All of which made for a perfect campfire cooking demo, you truly are a talented individual and my inspiration for everything!
I have to say a big thank you to @goodlifeexperience for inviting us and letting us take part in this amazing festival, I cannot wait to go back next year.
We got a chance to talk to a few inspiring creative artists, such as @nethertonfoundry who makes these amazing iron pots and pans made here in the uk, I have to say your defiance of consumerism was just awesome!
@bubblebrosofficial could not have done it without a little tipple from these guys 🥂
And thank you
@greatglencharcuterie @llanjessica and @thefrestonboot for having a chat with us, it was so good to meet you all and hope to see you all again!
Well done @marte_marie_forsberg 😉
#thegoodtimes #goodlife #campfirecooking #thecottagekitchen #mmforsbergworkshop

‘Berry shades of black’
What with autumn on its way in, why not celebrate with a cocktail 🍸
Blackberry bushes scatter the woods and fields that I walk every day with Mr. Whiskey. I can’t help but pick a ripe handful to snack on. This is certainly the time of year to get out there and get picking. Steeping these delicious and perfectly ripe little berries in Copperhead Gin over night is simply gorgeous. The berries were then used to make jam (Gin Jam is very suitable for breakfast 😉). Copperhead gin takes its name from the alchemist in search of the elixir of life. It’s citrus and cardamon flavours meld beautifully with the tart blackberry, the end result is fantastic on its own or mix it into a cocktail. * 60ml blackberry infused @mr.copperhead Copperhead Gin * 30ml earl grey infused dry vermouth @maisonnoillyprat * 15ml sugar syrup * 15ml lemon juice
* 1 egg white * 2 dashes orange bitters * Mint infused ginger ale to top
Add the first 6 ingredients to a shaker and dry shake, add ice and shake again. Double strain into a coupe glass and top with the minty ginger ale. Garnish with a sprig of mint and some gin soaked blackberries. 👌🏻enjoy! (📷 @marte_marie_forsberg )
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‘The DMC Bloody Maria’ .
Not suitable for vegetarians!
It’s been an absolute delight getting to work with @thedorsetmeatcompany To make two meat based cocktails using their delicious, ethically sourced meat. They hand pick the finest grass-fed, outdoor reared meat produced sustainably and in harmony with nature to put into their meat boxes that are delivered straight to your door.
This hearty meal in a glass is based on the beloved Bloody Mary cocktail. I’m going to be using @thedorsetmeatcompany ‘s smoked streaky bacon 🥓 for this one with an @ilegalmezcal A deliciously smoky agave based spirit from Mexico, making our maiden cocktail a Maria, not Mary. .
Now bear with me a second, we don’t put the fat straight into the drink, we are going to wash our Mezcal with the bacon fat 🥓 to give it a meaty flavour. Once the fat is cooled put it in an old jam jar, with about 100ml of Mezcal to every tablespoon of bacon fat. Shake and leave on the kitchen side for the flavours to meld for about 3 hours, and then place in the freezer over night. The fat and the flavoured Mezcal will separate, lift off the bacon fat and strain the Mezcal through a cheese cloth or coffee filter. .
To make the DMC Bloody Maria, • 50ml Bacon fat washed @ilegalmezcal • 25ml chilli infused Sherry (leave 3 chillis cut in half in 150ml sweet sherry overnight) • 8 dashes Worcestershire sauce
• 2 dashes tobacco hot sauce
• 20ml Lemon juice
• 15ml lime juice
• pinch celery salt & ground black pepper
• 100ml rich and thick tomato 🍅 juice (doesn’t have to be homemade but it does taste amazing!) • streaky bacon, celery leaves and a sherry soaked chilli for garnish 🌶

In a Boston shaker, add all the ingredients and ice, and roll the cocktail (pouring from one half the shaker to the other instead of shaking - to add aeration without diluting!) or simply stir. Pour into a tall glass with ice, rimmed with celery salt. Garnish with that crispy bacon, greens and 🌶 & enjoy!! 📷 by @marte_marie_forsberg

#illegaljoven #thedorsetmeatcompany #bloodymaria #cocktails #mixology

Just looking back over images from our trip to Norway back at the beginning of Summer when @marte_marie_forsberg took us down to the beach, on her picturesque island in the Oslofjord, to pine smoke mussels by the sea. It’s such a marvellous flavour that is new to me, it has certainly got me thinking about what interesting ways I can incorporate pine smoke in a drink! Anyway, whilst I’m daydreaming, @marte_marie_forsberg is making magic, she piles rocks together and buried the mussels amongst dried pine needles, lights the fire and smokes the mussels in the flames 🔥 Whilst the mussels are cooking she grinds fresh pine needles with salt to garnish the mussels. The end result is a deliciously crispy and salty snack that tastes like The Norwegian coast. It’s incredible. .
We have been trying to develop our skills of cooking and dining outside and it’s certainly a luxury to be enjoyed this time of year. This is he sort of thing we get up to on her #mmforsbergworkshop - if it’s in anyway interesting to you you should head over to her website, to see what workshops she has coming up. .
#norway #pine #smoked #mussels #beach #mmforsbergworkshop #roadtrip #ontherocks #enjoyingtheview

Throwback to May when Marie, Emma and I hosted a Food & Photography workshop in the mountain top town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in Abruzzo, Italy. I am missing the cool spring weather and the refreshing hilltop air at the moment! ⛰ We has such a fantastic group of people from all over the world join us last time and the beautiful @sextantio hotel is just stunning 😵 .
The amazing @marte_marie_forsberg taught photography, food styling and visual storytelling - inspiring and hosting the group so effortlessly as she always does ;) we were of course joined by her talented mother, Yvonne, who led baking sessions and helped look after the little one. We got to learn how to make traditional Italian sweet treats and focaccia from local producers and enjoyed some top notch Wine from the region. We were joined by a guest teacher, the marvellous @brittchudleigh who brought so much joy to the workshop. .
In the evenings we gathered for cocktails. I got to teach the group how to make a different cocktail each evening and then we all got to sample some! @elena_guereta and @mohitmgupta got stuck in and made their own! Here’s the recipe for a little riff I came up with inspired by the town we were staying in. It’s a smooth and rich drink perfect for the evenings in a medieval town 🍹
‘The Stefano Smooth’ •50ml @conkerspirit cold brew
•25ml @disaronno_uk •10ml @campariofficial •2 dashes chocolate butters
•15ml brown sugar syrup
Orange peel for garnish
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir, strain, serve on the rocks with a twist of orange peel. .
To join us on our next Abruzzo workshop visit -
#italy #abruzzo #mmforsbergworkshop #cocktails #food #photography #baking #cocktails #mixology #roadtrip #sextantio #sextantioalbergodiffuso #mmforsberg #ontherocks

Pimm’s Cup
With the unfortunate result from last nights football match (better luck next time 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) what better way to forget all your woes than to kick back and sip on a classic cocktail that never tires, summer is in full swing after all! .
When it comes to the most quintessentially English summer drink EVER, everyone has their own variation on the classic recipe of @pimmsgb & lemonade. Here’s mine for you to try!
Pimm’s Cup:
•50ml @pimmsgb Pimm’s Cup No.1
•20ml @cointreau •20ml fresh cranberry juice
@fentimansltd Victorian lemonade
@fevertreemixers Ginger ale
•Sliced strawberries, oranges, cucumber, lemon and mint
Add the first three ingredients and the sliced fruit to a tall glass with lots of ice - give it a good stir - top with twice as much ginger ale as lemonade - garnish with a cucumber ribbon and a sprig of mint. Enjoy!
Have a great summer! 😊

#pimmscup #englishsummer #cocktails #mixology #homebarawards #pimmsandlemonade #pimmsoclock

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