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The Nutritious Penguin  👫Full time mum of 2 and childminder of 7. 📚Studying naturopathic nutrition. 🎡Having fun with the family in Surrey, UK. 🥝Mum to @nutritious.sprouts

Taco Salsa Sunday! One beef and one black bean!
Did a pump workout this morning and my thighs are still burning!!! #sundaydinner #tacos

Salmon, smashed potatoes and asparagus in top of a bistro salad with a lemon juice and tahini dressing. Perfect for this hot summer weather!

#summermeals #salmom #smashedpotates

I never get a chance to sit and eat here. I'm always on the run so I grab a smoothie or green juice and Go!

Exam is over and I'm in no rush so I decide to try out the amazing looking food @epsomorganico
Mmmm it was so yummy. Glad I got the opportunity to sit and enjoy. I totally got spotted trying to get a selfie in hahaha

#lunch #supportinglocalbusiness #eatingalone #delish #vegetarian

We may not have much food in the house but we did have half a red pepper, tinned beans, frozen corn and tuna steaks in the freezer. Made a dressing with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and lemon juice and voila a yummy dinner!

#lastminutemeals #tunasteak #turmeric #sundaydinner

Feta, watermelon and red onion salad
Made by @_guames
#husbandcancook #sometimes

Tuna steak and stir fry veg for dinner.

Had to be a quick meal as I have an exam on Friday!

#pescatarian #stirfry
Tuna steaks from #alanthefishman

Burnt quiche and messy jam tarts!


Cookbook perfection!

Feta, Butternut squash and Chive fritters for lunch today. Recipe from The Complete Low Fodmap Diet cookbook


#lowfodmap #fodmap #fritters #butternutsquash

Enjoyed bouncing this evening! Not going to be able to walk tomorrow!
#gardenbounceparty #outdoorworkouts

Homemade Singapore rice noodles 🦐Giant prawns from #chefnemo 🦑Squid from the freezer, both defrosted in a bowl of warm water
🌿Lots of veg; kale, beansprouts, carrots and red pepper
🥚2 eggs scrambled

Garlic infused oil, sesame oil, tamari, veg stock, curry powder, fresh ginger, crushed chillis and rice noodles.

Delish and fodmap friendly!

Finished my sibo test at 11am this morning. Was so excited to eat but I realised and couldn't believe it I wasn't hungry so just had a smoothie. Bit later on I got peckish so had banana and egg pancakes. Didn't get a chance to photo them as I ate then way too quick. Was actually quite hungry!

Off to a bounce fitness tonight, not done anything like that before! #excited

#noodles #prawns #singaporericenoodles #glutenfree #dairyfree #fodmap #sibo

Fun times today. #sibotest
Can't wait to eat some fruit and veg after my two days of prepping.

Jazzing up this evening's dinner by serving my salmon and rice in a bowl.

I really know how to live it up!!!! Looking forward to eating a proper meal at 1pm tomorrow so until then avoid me. I am hangry!!!!! #sibotest #sibotestprep

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