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The Nue Co  we make supplements using organic foods.

Inner + outer essentials via @brittanybathgate. (Feat. DEBLOAT Food + PLANT Protein).

Founder of The Nue Co., Jules Miller, is the @semaine_online tastemaker this week. Read about her becoming a reluctant wellness pioneer and creating a brand that stands for something. Wellbeing, chocolate + a healthy dose of business realism, only on Semaine.

Five vs. Forty - why do our products contain fewer ingredients than others on the market? We believe in quality over quantity. A list boasting forty+ ingredients may look impressive, but the chances are you’ll just end up with a trace element of each ingredient. Instead, we choose the highest quality, organic actives and include them at a significant dose. That way, each one ends up doing what it’s supposed to.

Our chicory-derived prebiotic, inulin helps the good bacteria in your gut to thrive. Specifically, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli if you’re interested.

Proving the chiché that “beauty” does come from within. 1 tsp SKIN FOOD + PREBIOTIC and 1 tbsp PLANT PROTEIN + GUT FOOD, everyday.

Become that person who jumps out of bed. 1 tsp of ENERGY FOOD + PREBIOTIC daily.

Snails pace digestion and a craving for the sweet stuff? It could be worth upping your protein. Try starting your day with 1 tbs PLANT PROTEIN + GUT FOOD and wait for the benefits to roll on in.

“Feel better, look better.” @elleuk recommend our DEBLOAT FOOD as part of their holistic summer body re-think.

“You can keep your pond-weed wheatgrass and spirulina supplements. SKIN FOOD tastes mild, a bit citrus-y. Honestly, it has such an inoffensive flavour that you can add it to anything without really noticing.” - Emily, SKIN FOOD devotee.

Get this feeling when you order from

Want some soy, acesulfame, corn starch, maltodextrin and silicon dioxide with your protein? Didn’t think so. We remove all the unnecessary ingredients you find in most protein supplements and replace them with… nothing. So all you get is protein + our gut food complex.

Hydrate. Aim for 8 glasses a day, everyday.

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