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The Nook Cafe  Books & Coffee | 164A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, QC | Operating Hours: 1pm - 10pm Tuesdays to Sundays

Another week, another battle. We’re all facing our own daily battles, but we all need some time to breathe and recharge. Come to The Nook Cafe to have that me time! We are open from 1pm to 10pm! Thanks to @dayariesx for the photo!

Only good times at The Nook Cafe! Visit us to relax with your friends after a week of hustle! Thank you to @tinacembrano for this wonderful photo!

Durmstrang + Hogwarts. Who here is still in the Fantastic Beasts hype? We are! So head on to The Nook Cafe and drink that butterbeer! Thank you again to @princedeguzmantransformations for gracing us as Grindelwald! Hope to see you again soon! #crimesofgrindelwald #fantasticbeasts #thenookcafe #hogwarts #potterhead

Can’t get your head of the surprises and nostalgia from Crimes of Grindelwald? Head on at The Nook Cafe to discuss it with fellow Potterheads! We are open until 10pm! Thank you to @dayariesx for this wonderful photo.

The Hufflepuffs are soaring! The new Fantastic Beasts movie will be out tomorrow! What a better pre-movie celebration than to go to The Nook Cafe, grab a Butterbeer and soak in the wizarding world with our decor? We’re open til 10pm! Thank you to @angelikaramos_ for this fierce Hufflepuff photo! #thenookcafe #hufflepuff

Waiting for the release of Crimes of Grindelwald be like... better grab a mug of butterbeer to get the mood up! We are open until 10pm! #thenookcafe #butterbeer #cafe #qc #potterhead

We are open today from 1pm to 10pm! Here’s our holiday schedule: Oct. 30- Nov. 2: CLOSED. We will resume operations by Nov. 3! So visit us today to get more halloween feels! Thanks to for this photo!

We have new pasta offerings! Here’s our Creamy Mushroom and Chicken Pasta! Perfect for a weekend get together!

Some things can be solved with a sip of Iced Coffee. Remember, everything will be alright. Happy weekend! #thenookcafe #bookcafe #cafe #manila

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” - Stephen King. Cheering everyone for a new week ahead! If you’re feeling stress out, grab a book and treat yourself with a good drink - that would do the magic! Thanks to @fejifilm for the photo! #thenookcafe #bookcafe #manila

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Get that daily cup of joe at The Nook Cafe to help you be the best you can be today! We will be open by 3pm today! #motivation #thenookcafe #bookcafe #bookstagram #cafe

We will be at @patronusevents’ Owl Post: Charms and Defense Against The Dark Arts Class on Sept. 29, Saturday at Madison Events Place! Don’t be late or your house might loose house points! #thenookcafe #patronusevents #potterhead #manila #ph #hogwarts #backtohogwarts #butterbeer

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