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Regards sur les MAH
Du 1er au 30 Avril
Votre vision des 5 Musées d'Art et d'Histoire (MAH) de Genève:
• le Musée d'art et d'histoire
• le Musée Rath
• la Maison Tavel
• le Cabinet d'arts graphiques
• la Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie
Photos verticales des bâtiments, postées sans filtres sur Instagram Hashtags: #iGers4MAH #iGersGeneva #MAHgeneve
Les meilleurs clichés seront imprimés (format 124.7x199.5cm) et exposés de juin à août devant les musées, aux Bastions et à la Promenade Saint-Antoine.
Photos d'architecture , d'ambiance , lifestyle ... tout est possible tant que les bâtiments des MAH y sont!
Conditions complètes sur @mahgeneve et @igersgeneva

Beyond blackness you

Night bird
Lightly spirited
Standing on the
Edge of two
Different world
Will you dare
Crossing that
Line and get to
The other side

#poetry #phoemes #thenmh_phoemes
#wwim15_igerslausanne #wwim15❤️ #epflartlab #pierresoulages

Once you got inside
A second part of you
Revealed itself
Colours faded
A darker side
The less social
Could express itself
And that's exactly when
We get more interesting
Not lying just bare
#thenmh_phoemes #phoemes #poetry

Modern version
Of a greek statue
Behind the glass
Already rotten
Like a vestige
Of a civilisation
Not yet
But already
#poetry #phoemes #thenmh_phoemes

Nuit napolitaine
L'amour s'embrase
Se touche
Mélange de salives
Bientôt de sueurs
Et de fluides
Jusqu'au lever
D'un autre jour
Ou peut-être
On ne se reconnaîtra plus
#poetry #thenmh_phoemes #phoemes

You don't give me no
Inner waves you
Hypnotic circle
Tripled for more
Energetic revolutions
Merry-go-round of
Wide awake at night
Your zenith
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes #poetry

Dans ces instants lourds
Je m'échappe
L'eau apporte un réconfort
Comme le ventre de ma mère
Apaisant berceau
Dans lequel je me berce
Illusion momentanée
D'un calme intérieur retrouvé
Au milieu des insignifiants maelströms
De ma vie
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes #poetry

Thinking about the limits
Natures own at first
The X and Y's
Starting to invisibly mark
A small yet not creature
Then balls will they be out
Soon needing wide spread legs in order to
Or stay in
Crossing legs to hide the already covered
One day you come out
With visible sexes
Maybe not even yours
Sooner or later
Society is here to remind you
Where to stand
How to smile
Even in its funniest jokes the limit
Is constraining you
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes

Silent girl
Where are your
Do you smile
About sweet
Is it just a
Protection against
1 in 10
Will be
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes #feminactivism

In the early hours
When you came out
I would dive down
Descend underground
Cave in
Plunge in
A macrocosm in itself
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes
#poetry #poetrycommunity

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