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A #phoemes collection

Self locked inside
Our heads
Our little universes
Let's realise
About the wider
Space around us
The real universe
Wide - unknown - unpredictable
As empty as full
Offering us all opportunities
To widen up our
Fields of investigation
#thenmh_phoemes #phoemes

Being so far
Sometimes I wonder where
You are
As time flies
Emotions change
Sometimes an undefinable
Feeling of foreignness
Emerges with the most
Well known souls
Is it just some weariness
Or should we part

You walk
You'd thought you'd knew by now
But you just don't
Again concentrate
Try / Fail / Learn
Loose faith
Get back to it again
And eventually
You'll get there
#thenmh_phoemes #phoemes

At night
Lost in the secret labyrinth
We came across
The soul - the despaired
Silent screams were heard
Behind this walls
The ones alive
The dead ones from the past
A collection of souls
Greeted us all the way through
Labyrinth when will we get back
To you

Di notte
Pensavo incontrare Porporino
Forse nelle catacombe
O nei sottosuoli
Però stava nella strada
Spirito fra i spiriti
Inspirandoci ad essere
Creativi senza fregarsi
Dei malevoli
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Time flies very fast in good company ❤️
#napoli #igersnapoli

Bella Napoli, raising teenagehood memories of Porporino, tiny labyrinth streets and undergrounds everywhere. I love you bella città
#phoemes #thenmh_phoemes #igersnapoli grazie @igersnapoli per i tips : mi sento a casa qui😘

An inspiring evening with Patti Smith and her son 🙏🏻 much love in the @alhambrageneve tonight thanks to @antigelfestival 🔥

Any chance to go
Deep in that well
Your center
There is no light
But that little moon
Once in the dark
You will find
Your inner self
A treasured
#pattismith #murakamiharuki #thewindupbirdchronicle

"Let anything that burns you come out whether it be propaganda or not . . . How can you help writing about something you feel intensely?"
Lola Ridge #lolaridge