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thenips  Josh Martin Finck, birthday October 8th,snapchat:finckerdoodle,HHS Alumni,i am just what the doctor ordered

Hello Ladies,who r tall,short,skinny,chubby,that have a big booty,that have a small booty,who have big boobies,who have small boobies,who r anneroxic,ur sexy to me.

I don't give men tbh's cause they don't invite me to parties,they don't even tell me who they're in a relationship,and when they break up with that person,it makes me realize i should went to pcti,not to hawthorne high school.

If u boys want a tbh fuck off cause the women got better looks.

Their is nothing better than a woman,cause they got looks that r good looking,if i was gay i'd go for a black guy

Only women

Only women who want to know what i think about,it doesn't matter if ur skinny or fat or have a big booty,i'll give u a tbh

Only women,No Men

When learn more from famous people,then ur own friends from hhs

#throwbacktuesday to when my face was this hairy and my hair was longer

Only women

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