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Nikki DuBose  God #1 Author 📚#washedaway @amazon Model 📷 Student 👩🏻‍🎓 Founder @artistsleagueforchange @harvardstriped & I 🖊 lessons - models & eating disorders.

I hated being photographed, and yet I loved it at the same time. I felt like my inner demons were splashed across the photograph, exposed for everyone to pick apart and tease.
I never felt comfortable just being ME - because I didn't know who I was. I was only okay if I was "someone else."
This happens to many survivors of abuse. We don't love who we are because we have been torn by the actions and deeds of others.
It didn't help of course that photographers would thin my body to an unhealthy ideal - literally I went home after this shoot, cried, and then engaged in destructive eating disorder behaviors.
God is GOOD! I see a girl who was lost - recovery and Jesus have given me a new life based on my inner worth, and nothing can ever take that away from me.
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Love this article from @kirsten_haglund at @eatingdisorderhope & @addictionhopeglobal
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Excited to share @kirsten_haglund’s latest piece on the global problem of objectification and its physical, psycho-social, economic and political consequences for @recovrywarriors; link in bio. "The fight against the objectification of women’s bodies is a global one. And it’s not only important for the eradication of eating disorders, though this makes our arguments far more compelling.

Maybe some lawmakers, NGOs, communities and family members cannot relate to eating disorders. However, they must (and increasingly do) acknowledge that empowering women leads to economic growth and development. The next step is creating culture and policies that encourages the media, advertising and fashion industries to get on board with the fact that empowerment goes hand in hand with eliminating objectification." #eatingdisorder #edawareness #ed #edfam #edrecovery #recoverywarrior #recoverywarriora #advocacy #womenempowerment #globalwomen #mentalhealth #womenshealth

I used to not be able to go through a shoot without using, drinking, or binging and vomiting on food. My addictive personality was a component in the development of my anorexia, too. What a gift it is to be sober for nearly seven years, but I know that #addictionrecovery is one day at a time with Gods grace.
That's why I'm excited @addictionhopeglobal's 2nd annual virtual conference featuring amazing recovery speakers like @bcuban61. With all of these wonderful speakers, it's a blessing to know that not only are you NOT alone in your struggles, but there's help and support readily available.
#youareworthit #recovery #addictionhope #mentalhealth #modelforrecovery

Don't look back, you're not going that way. In #recovery, we often cling to our past for comfort. But if God wanted us to live in our past, He would have never blessed us with the now. No matter how painful your life may be in this present moment, know that God is with you and that He loves you. Where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.
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Las modelos acusan a sus agencias de forzarlas a perder peso, someterlas a intervenciones de cirugía estéticas y arruinar su vida social para salir con famosos o poderosos como Donald Trump. La ex modelo #NikkiDuBose, fundadora de la @artistsleagueforchange anuncia que parte del colectivo ha interpuesto una demanda contra varias agencias de modelos por prácticas custionables e imperativos cada vez más estrictos que han venido envenenando el sector durante años #MeToo #washedaway Tap on the link to know more

Please don't use #plastic
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Dear @colessupermarkets,
Thank you for banning single-use plastic bags in your Australian stores.
Thank you for then introducing thicker, longer-lasting plastic bags.
Thank you for then giving them out by the trolley-load for free.
Kind regards,
Our suffocating planet 🌏
📷 @johncancalosi
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Beautiful day at the #beach yesterday ⛱

Best time of my life was getting to hang with these babies @sdzsafaripark
Please remember to treat all #animals with kindness, recycle, and use #vegan products that don't harm the critters 🐒

Not ready to leave #sandiego 😞 @theusgrant thank you for a wonderful vacation ❤️ #selfcare #travelholic

Hi 👐 just another normal day with my buddies 😀🐝
Want to make a difference in an animal's life without spending a penny? Download the "Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping" app on the @apple Iphone and find out if the products you purchase every day are R.S.P.O certified and orangutan friendly. If your shampoo, soap, and household products are not #palmoil friendly, the app shows you a comparative alternative that is 🤞 shop smart and help save animals 💋
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When you are reunited with your long-lost cousin 💕
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Totally natural 😅
No but seriously, when this picture was shot for #AR magazine (Spain) in the beautiful Dominican Republic, I was struggling with a chronic eating disorder, depression and psychosis. I thought that the only way I could be happy is if I was a small size and starving myself. I valued fitting in and making others happy over my mental, spiritual, and emotional health. I don't even think that I knew what those were!
We can smile, but be dead on the inside. Nothing in life is worth stealing our joy. Focus on being happy on the inside, and your real beauty will shine through.
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