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Sarah&Warner  Supporting all of the boys on Boy Band!! One day this account will be for America’s next boy band!! Send me your edits and I’ll post them with credit


PLEASE READ!!! Okay guys this is probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in a while. I’ve had the best summer fan girling over boy band with all of you! So grateful for the many friends I’ve made this summer! Especially those who’ve helped me get through my first term of college by encouraging me to not give up (btw passed my classes 😁)! Special thank you to Warner for helping me run this account! Make sure y’all follow her @ulitmatefangirl101! Due to the craziness of life I’ve decided it’d be best for me to deactivate. No this is not due to who made the band and who didn’t (I know how people talk but that had NOTHING to do with my decision). I’m just so busy with school, two jobs, and other life commitments that I don’t have time to run a fan account anymore. Anyways, thank you all for being the most amazing friends! To all my fellow og fans please welcome the new comers! This is not an exclusive fandom! We want the boys to grow and the only way for them to do that is if their fanbase grows. I’ll always support the boys, even those who didn’t make the band! Best of luck to y’all in school and life!! Much love 💕💕 I’ll be deactivating tomorrow afternoon. -Sarah
Check out the edit in my bio!! Definitely describes my mood!

Hey guys, it's Warner. I just wanted to say goodbye because Sarah (as the owner of this account) has decided to disable it tomorrow for a while. She has lots to focus on right now and social media isn't the most important thing right now. She's going to post today as well. I know you all love Sarah because she's the best. Thanks guys for the love and support you gave Sarah. With that said good bye for now. ~Warner

AHHHH SO PROUD OF ALL OF THESE GUYS!!! Love y’all sm!! This is gonna be one lit boy band! Tbh all 8 deserved this and so did some of the earlier eliminated ones. I do feel sad about the three who didn’t make it but I’m trying to look on the positive side of things. Anyways, break a leg boys!! And don’t forget New Orleans when y’all tour 💕💕
@michaelbmoc @chanceperezofficial @sergiojrcalderon @bradytut @drewramosofficial

These guys deserve the down time!! Hope y’all had fun at Disneyland!! So glad Tim got to go! 💕💕

WOW!!! So many months have led up to tonight’s performance! Can’t even believe that we’ll have a new boy band in less then 2 days!! 2 DAYS!!!! Not really sure how everything is gonna go down once the show is officially over but I wanted to say that I’m truly thankful for everyone I’ve met through this fandom! Y’all are the absolute best!! Especially my fellow donuts 😂 you know who you are 😉. TBH I was originally planning to change this account into a fan page for the final 5 but at this point I’m not sure. It may end up getting temporarily deactivated due to the fact I need to focus more on school and life. But y’all have been great and I love each and every one of you 💕💕. Also, jut wanna say to @sergiojrcalderon @michaelbmoc @realjadengray @drewramosofficial @bradytut @k_marzzz @chanceperezofficial @mkyofficial that no matter what happens tonight keep your head high!! Never forget that out of all the singers America chose you to be in our top 8 for our next boy band!! That’s pretty freakin incredible if yah ask me!! (Sorry for the essay 😂😂 but thank you to those who care enough to read it💕💕)

Thank you for this amazing edit @mkysjance. ❤️🤣 ~Warner

Y’all this edit is so amazing!!! Definitely my favorite one so far! 😍 Make sure y’all go watch it because @boybandthemesongs did an incredible job!! Link is in @boybandthemesongs bio!! Also make sure y’all give her a follow cause she’s pretty awesome!! ❤️❤️❤️

I love this sm!! 😂😂😂 The Deezy Bunch! Tbh Mikey and Michael could pass as brothers in this pic 😂
Credits @momsofboyband

“It’s an avocado. Thenks” 😂😂 had to put this side by side @drewramosofficial -Sarah

Low quality edit high quality friendship 💕💕
@devinhayes @robin_hayes_ @drewramosofficial @michaelbmoc @bikram_mohm @chanceperezofficial @mommaperezofficial @shawneeperez
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For old times sake 😂😂 Chance yah gotta get him back before he leaves lol!! 😂#danceisforever #dance @devinhayes @chanceperezofficial

"Promote what you love, instead of attacking what you hate."
We all don't love the same thing. Let people have their own opinion and don't attack people for loving something that you don't. We already have so much hate. I didn't even watch the episode, but I've seen what people have been posting to know what's going on. Let people live their lives. Hate won't help. Just keep supporting the person you want to support and leave it at that. 🙌❤️ ~Warner

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