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Me. So me. 😂
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We make time for the people, goals and things that matter to us. Does the way you spend your time reflect the people, goals and things that matter to you most? 🤔

“Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, no one wants to be an employee.” I heard someone say that the other day and I was just like, wow. 🙃 The media and social media has glamorized entrepreneurship to make it seem like it’s the only way to successfully make an income and to live a life you love. And, that’s so not true!
Sure, I have my own business and you could call me an entrepreneur, but I would be the first to say it’s not always fun (it’s a lot harder) and it’s not the only way. That’s why I created this platform and it’s why I do what I do, because entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and for those who want to be a bomb employee, and work at inspiring companies that challenge them and empower them to succeed, I’m here to help you do just that. 👋🏾
Ain’t nothing wrong with being an employee. Getting a steady lovely check with healthcare and benefits, for doing work you love, at a company you love? 👀👀 Listen, let’s talk about how we can make that happen for you. 🔗 in bio, option one.

☝🏾The first step is clarity. Before you can have a career you love, you have to be clear about what that looks like for you. The clearer and more certain you can become about your next ideal position, the easier it will be to spot opportunities that are right for you and the quicker you’ll be able to land a job you’ll love. Get some clarity before you start applying to 35 jobs a week.

✍🏾 Stop overestimating other people’s success and underestimating yours. It’s crazy how we can come up with entire stories about how amazing other people’s lives must be, and we barely even take the time to appreciate all the things we’ve accomplished and overcome. 🗣 Stop doing that.

Sundays used to make me cringe. Especially Sunday evenings, it was always the day I was reminded that I hated my job. I remember I would constantly look at the time and think, “Ugh, only a few more hours until Monday.” My mood would change as it got closer and closer to go to sleep, and I wasted a lot of time dealing with Sunday Blues. Talk about depressing. If Sundays make you cringe too, you need a new job. it’s time to take your career to the next level. And, it’s time to be more strategic and intentional about your next career move. Let me help you land a job you’ll love. Apply for a complimentary session session, and let’s discover what’s possible for you. 🔗 in bio, first option.

[A Memoir: Please remember this all 365 days of the year ✍🏾] This week has been super crazy. I wish success was as easy as looking successful on Instagram. It’s so easy too look “booked and busy” and to look like you’re a magical glowing success, it’s much harder to be that. So, cheers to everyone working hard and doing everything they can to be everything they want to be. Cheers especially to the women slaying in their careers, while juggling family, relationships and friendships, breaking society’s expectations, still managing to do laundry, eat, take care of themselves and look good while doing it all. 🙌🏾 It’s our month, our year, our time. ✨🥂

One of my clients asked me today, with a shocked face, “You have problems?” And my response was, “Heck YES!” 😭 Please never mistake a good smile and an optimistic attitude for the absence of problems. I have as much problems and go through as many struggles as the next person. As a career coach, it can be tempting to want to seem perfect, especially since I’m a perfectionist at heart. But, perfect is boring. I find myself constantly in between “I finally figured it out” and “I have no idea” 😂 (something I heard @onetakestace say the other day). But, that’s expected when you’re constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Life is a wild ride, but I’m convinced that as long as you’re willing to keep putting your best foot forward everyday, it all works out in the end. It must! 🤞🏾✨

Self-love is not just a nice pat on the back when you’re at your best. In fact, it’s most necessary when you’re at your lowest, when you’ve let yourself down unexpectedly, when you’re disappointed in yourself, when you feel like you haven’t done enough, when you feel like you’re not enough. That’s when you need self-love the most. Stop kicking yourself when you’re down.

Yeppp. 😂

Sit. Let's have a chat. What are you willing to sacrifice to have a career and life you'll love? For me, I'm willing to sacrifice comfort. It's very uncomfortable stretching yourself and pushing yourself past your fears. But are you willing to be uncomfortable? Are you willing to face rejection, if it's going to bring you one step closer to your dream job? Are you willing to sacrifice your fear of meeting new people? Your fear of uncertainty? What are you willing to sacrifice? 🤔

I never used to believe in affirmations. They just seemed plain weird. (Granted, I used to feel the same way about yoga and now I love it. They same way I now love affirmations 😌) So now that I'm a firm believer of the power of affirmations, I want to convert you too 😂 Grab my handy "31 Free Daily Affirmations to Land a Job You'll Love." It's already been downloaded by 140 peeps, and I'm sure it'll be just the boost of confidence you need to tackle your next career move. 💪🏾 Head to the 🔗 in bio, option ✌🏾

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