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a 7lb baby that will never talk or do sex&drugs with old creeps when they r 13 🍼👼🏽

my mom in 1977 at Toronto city hall bringing awareness to garbage pollution, which led to the city's first recycling program
me in 2017 in a bodega bag gown I created from my under-the-sink collection, which hasn't led to anything....but has me thinking....
isn't a bag for a pack of gum sort of insane? Is every tree in NYC rly supposed to have 18 shredded bags flying from its branches? Do ppl that use them to pick up dog poop but leave the bag of poop on the sidewalk deserve a light smack in the head?
YES NO AND YES #ditchdelibags 🚯♻️

🌆can I live here🌇

psyched to DJ all 70s everything in Bowies old loft tonight...hoping to inhale some lil speck of his dander dust & be blessed ⭐️

when u meet a complete stranger in a nightclub & u guys unplug from the matrix n chill for 4 years 🤗 #fairytaleofnewyork love u @aharaw

this epic photo of #LeontynePrice as Cleopatra at the @metopera has got me reading everything I can find on the legendary soprano .... she just turned 90! ⭐️🏆👑

they moved us from nosebleeds to front row orchestra cuz we cute 🎭

I will always look back on my time spent with the ribbon choker fondly

u think it's rude to stare
i think it's rude not to

THE PERFECT STORM omg @ladyfag ⛄️🌻 me + @aharaw back2back ALL NITE LONG + @michaelmagnan & @fysicaltherapy 🤑🤘🏾 msg for list *now*

hand-painting gourmet lipsticks & fire mix tapes with the GENIUS @sweetsabacandy today💄 🍭see my story for all the gooey details🍭

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