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Lucy Stangiersky  Plant-based food🌱 10k people follow me on the app @tiktok Nothing will change if you change nothing Make Up Artist at @esteelauder

There’s broken silence by thunder crashing in the dark and this broken record spin endless circles in the bars 💔 #ootd #fashion

All my Christmas presents are already wrapped and I’m in the waiting mode 🎄also I have no idea anymore what color this jacket is, cause one day I see it green and the other day it’s obsly blue, idk, I still love it 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ootd #fashion

I should write a book called 365 days of drama for each day of year cause everyday I wake up thinking what’s next to come that will piss me off and I’m not joking 😂 I’m really emotionally involved in every single event in my life from my nail breaking to fire in my apartment. And being involved I mean INVOLVED. Ask my friends, they know that drama llama loves drama 🤷🏻‍♀️ #ootd #fashion

Sink corner in my new bathroom is lit as hell 🔥 #esteelauder #skincare

Old but gold ✨ this is how my eyes look all the time cause I suffer from insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping clap your hands, if you have trouble sleeping clap your hands, if you have trouble sleeping cause you can’t stop fucking thinking clap your hands 👏🏼💔 #ootd #fashion

Ignore my hair, dunno what’s wrong with it but it looks dry as hell, nevermind. The jacket is lit 🔥 I will probably be ordering it in other colors too #ootd #fashion

Crystal clear bead mini bag 💎 probably the least practical bag in my collection but also the most beautiful, getting compliments on it whenever I wear it ✨ #ootd #fashion

First proper shoot in my new home, I found my happy place I guess 🤞🏻 And this is the dress that my dad got me. It was actually meant to be my Christmas gift but I got it early cause patience doesn’t run in our blood 🎄 #ootd #fashion

We’ve just bought our Christmas tree 🎄so it’s going to be a decorating evening with all the spiders that are included to every Christmas tree purchase 🕷 cannot wait to meet all those little buddies👀 remember to always set free, never kill 🙏🏼 #ootd #fashion

We live and die by pretty lies, you know it, we both know it 💔 #ootd #fashion

I know I did not raise a wrist, I know I did not capture it, it came, it went, it conquered quick, I was there and then I quit ✍🏻 #ootd #fashion

This world can hurt you, it cuts you deep and leaves a scar, things fall apart but nothing breaks like a hear 💔 #ootd #fashion

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