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Lucy Stangiersky  Vegan 🌱 Make Up Artist at @esteelauder

I turned into a statue and it made me feel depressed cause the only time you opened up was when we got undressed #ootd #fashion

It’s easy to fall out of habit of taking care of yourself and it’s hard to get back on track when your health hits you back with a slap of a wake up call: you went too far. My mental health depends on what I put in my body and my diet was a bit unhealthy lately and I had no time to meditate. Well I could find some but excuses are my thing... Back on track slowly but hopefully I will be alright soon cause some things never go away, life’s a constant battle 🤜🏼💥 I’m grateful for all the amazing people I have that hold my life together 🙏🏻 #mentalhealthawareness #ootd #fashion

Mon amour, je sais que tu m'aimes aussi #LoveNeverDies #art

When weekend is half gone #godwhy #saturdayfeels

Counting days to vacay, still 44 days left ✈️ #ootd #fashion

Fake leather is cooler than real leather 🌱 it’s a luxury of choice when you desire a cruelty free garment #vegan #ootd #fashion

It takes courage to be who they said you can’t be #ootd #fashion

My cat has an Instagram, come say hi to @raspberry_the_kitty she’s literally so cute you won’t need that chocolate cheat in your diet #ootd #fashion

What do you guys do in your spare time? Cause I go to museums looking for some inspiration. This one’s #maternity by Wacław Szymanowski #mood #art

The closest I can get to looking Korean ➰ #ootd #fashion

Been hunting for this top for the last 3 months so guess how happy I was when I spotted it in store last week 🤞🏻 #ootd #fashion

Boiling in minimal ☕️ #ootd #fashion

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