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I know it's not the best piece or most detailed, but it's progress for me. Really was trying to focus on highlights and shadows on the figure. I really have been contemplating if I should just go to art school to learn proper technique or if I should just continue to teach myself and shadowy other people that could possibly help me to the best of my ability. It just takes time, patience, and consistency

✌🏽 ☁️ had to, loved the shadows in this room

made a new discovery roaming today

@revecoffeeroasters ye good ole Hibiscus Kombucha 🌺 & my first time ever trying macaroons💕 one of the coolest spots I've been to in Lafayette. Chill as can be

What Sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity😄🌻vital

Ye good ole Iced CoconutMilk Mocha macchiato | My new fave! Had to pimp it out with a cookie straw😎

Unconditional love does exist

Felt like making my own Pinterest worthy Pic| & Yellow's been my vibe lately💛Hope yall weekend is Golden✨ #TheNativeFlora #Pinterest #Yellow #Golden #sonya6000

SunVibesz do ya right

"Maybe you shouldn't have been around them" "If you weren't dressed like you were, then it wouldn't have happened" "You put yourself in that situation"

It's those ignorant comments that make me really question the humanity & sane of the people of this world. Rape is a disgusting act that is often looked passed or pushed aside.. For the people who make jokes about it is even more cruel and disgusting. Having sex without consent, whether someone is completely coherent or drunk, is rape. Continuously forcing yourself on someone when they clearly do not wish to have any sexual relations is also not right. If you can have sex with an unconscious, incoherent woman then you are not a man. So many women have had this type of horrible experience that they choose not to talk about because of how quick people are to label and judge them & make them feel like it's their fault & that needs to stop!

Major photo cred to @elona_x

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