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nana aba  better a witty fool than a foolish wit

Showing tonight - @atipokapat's special report on living with a disability! Catch the story on @ghonetv at 6.30 p.m❤️

A happy birthday to my favourite presenter on the Multimedia brand. I love you @real_vimlady ❤️😘

I had to bring this back! Stop writing 'YOU WELCOME' and 'YOUR WELCOME'. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh😡😡😡😡 It makes you look dumb! It's 'YOU'RE WELCOME' or 'YOU ARE WELCOME'. Wo p3 saa dodo. Ad3n? 🙄

When good music hits you, you feel no pain...#UNVEILING #thisfriday #Becca. Congrats @beccafrica 😍😍

I have little to no respect for people who write 'am fine, am going, am on my way' etc. Yes, I'm that petty!
Dear slay queens & kings (potentials included), let your grammar 'slay' too😎💥😊 #raisingreadersgh #learnsomethingneweveryday


@naa_ashorkor_ ❤️❤️❤️

It's a double dose! Let's raise our glasses to @beccafrica for being the loud voice for so many quiet hearts❤️. A toast for @iamamamcbrown, an actress whose humility outweighs her ambitions❤️. Happy birthday ladies❤️

When in doubt remember................
1.EVERYONE and EVERYBODY are interchangeable.
2. EVERY ONE and EACH ONE are interchangeable.
Easy, isn't it? #raisingreadersgh #learnsomethingneweveryday

A report by @atipokapat 😊Catch the report on #ghonenews this week. #newsyoucantrust


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