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Chad Muska 


I cut a piece of my studio wall out that I did a "Good God" painting on around 2011. This message was a reminder to myself at that time that I needed to write down and use as strength, so I decided to frame it. I cut the drywall out and was going to frame it as it was but didn't like the idea of framing drywall so I thought I would just extract the paper backing I painted on from it. Well, easier said than done! Almost instantly destroyed the bottom half and had to peel the rest off from the back a little at a time while wetting it down. Then I remounted the pieces on paper and will frame it behind glass. I think the part that was almost destroyed will be the most beautiful in the end... just like us. 🙏🏻🌀

Today's mediums of creative expression and inspiration.

Made some mid-sections and temporary blocks to serve as a base for my new sculpture's before drilling and placing the rocks. I am very pleased with how these make me feel and I am excited to see how they will continue to evolve. The more of them I make the more powerful my little tribes energy will become. Today was a great day. 😊💥

Video I filmed on 04/20/14 documenting my work in an old studio located in Los Angeles, Ca. Just now are these objects and actions starting to become more clear to me and evolve into my current works. I enjoy capturing artwork digitally and making videos and pictures like this because I try my best to have the viewer experience the art through my eyes and the way I study it. MUSKA©2017


Today's personal practice in Photographic and Graphic Design concepts for @suprafootwear ⚫️
Subject: SKYTOP V

I was invited by @werkartz to view a documentary on @obeygiant last night and it was great to see so many inspirational people come together in one place to support an American icon and true artist. Thanks @rainjphoenix For helping us in! I came home inspired after and created these works and images but passed out before I could post them. I don't know 100% what I'm doing but I know I'm doing 100%. Good day to you all! 😊

Today's studies and practice in Photography and Graphic Design for @thestraye Footwear.
Subject: HiLand

Today's studies and practice in Sculpture, Photography and Graphic Design.

Purely instinctual actions with little to no thought during the process, it's only after I'm done, then the imagery or object starts to suggest a concept to me.

Stone will stand the test of times.

Silicone rubber mold casting of the SKYTOP III poured with pigmented concrete. Made these with my brother @2wenty_ while working on the Supra Creative Space last year for its reissue. @suprafootwear #skytopIII

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