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Ashleigh VanHouten  Host of Paleo Magazine Radio Podcast Professional Writer / Communicator #alwayslearning #Meathead

Fun fact, this is actually how I always enter a room 😂⁣

Ok serious question - what’s your current fitness regimen / goal? Beach body, #BJJ, #powerlifting? I wanna hear what you guys are working on...

Don’t even think about going camping with me unless you’re willing to enter into a fight where the loser is eaten. #survivalofthefittest #jokes #illdoitthough

Me: I need to have swag, but also the ability to jump into a workout at any time
Her: say no more fam

When your girl is a professional stylist and understands your #athleisure requirements 😉 check her out, she does great work #versaceversaceversace

Monday mood - attacking this week with energy, a positive attitude, and maybe a sword if it acts up 🗡

The vintage mink is @heathermac777’s but the gold crushed velvet croptop and the sass is all me #sundayfunday

Remember Todd and Margo from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? I relate to them so hard.

Funny how the harder I work, the better I get... #alwayslearning

This is probably one of my most repeated messages to friends and clients asking me for fitness tips. If you crush an hour-long workout in the gym but barely move the rest of the day, you are not optimizing your #health and fitness. In fact, if you ditched the gym and just moved more all day you’d be better off. If you don’t believe me, listen to my podcast with smarter human @drmiketnelson - we do a deep dive on all things #fitness, #bodycomposition, and #nutrition. Link’s in my bio.⁣

Some ideas: take the stairs, have walking meetings/dates, do push-ups and squats during commercials, set a timer to get up from your desk and shake it out every 30 minutes. The more you do it the more natural it will feel and the healthier you’ll be 💪 #movementmatters

I have generally found that when you are frustrated and feel like you want to punch something, the best remedy is to punch something 🥊

What a weekend!⁣

Huge thanks to @andersvarner and @douglaselarson for letting me co-host for @shruggedcollective at the #strongnewyork event. So many smart, hardworking people, so many great conversations. I’m feeling inspired and energized to get back to work. ⁣

Doug and Anders, you guys rock. I’m a better podcaster than I was a couple days ago because of you...although I think you could learn a thing or two from me on how to perfect your sassy Instagram poses. #bigthingscoming

Ever meet someone and two minutes later think, “did we just become best friends!?” I am so inspired by the incredibly intelligent, strong @drgabriellelyon and the important work she’s doing - stay tuned for our chat for @shruggedcollective, but that’s just the beginning 💪

First day hanging out at @solacenewyork for #strongnewyork was a success - had a blast podcasting with @douglaselarson and @andersvarner for @shruggedcollective, and finally met this amazing human, @jenwiderstrom. Me, setting up this pic: “let’s see how many shoulder veins we can get in this shot.” 💗💪

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