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Alexandra Butler  Lifetime’s Glam Masters!!! THE Makeup Artist, A Soror (💃🏾🐥🐘🔺), STL bred, ATL is home, HAPPILY married!!! Serious inquiries send email, No 🚫DMs.

Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahhaah. If anyone knows my brother, he is a true Virgo and is very long winded lol, so there is of course a part 2 of his bday shoutout 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄 lol. But that’s my daaawwwggggg. Love you buddy. Can’t wait to see y’all in a couple weeks. @jordananthonybond

I love my baby brudder @jordananthonybond 😘

The best birthday song sang by my favorite little men. Thank you @shantallaimee for sending this to me 😍😘

It’s my birthday!!!!!! 35!!!!!!! I made it!!!!!! I really feel like I earned this year. This one feels different. I’m in a different mindset, a different space. It’s good and bad... it’s bad because I am saying goodbye to one side of me and the way I did things, but it’s good because God has given me glimpses of what’s to be expected moving into this new chapter. I’m so grateful and thankful. Cheers 🥂 to this next chapter, I’m officially old bih... #leoshit #aug19

Juicy Crab last night for a little pre-bday dinner!!!! Didn’t end quite like I wanted, but it felt amazing to hang out and cackle loudly with my friends. My sissy is in town too!!!!! @ms_bel 😍😘😍😘. Thanks guys for hanging out with me.

Shole couldn’t let this day go by without wishing my beautiful best fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddddd a Happy Birthday... I ain’t Neva had so much in common with a friend before, the way me and @chakalittai have shit in common. We two days apart 8/17/83 and 8/19/83, both our high school colors are orange and blue, both graduated high school in 2001, both our line numbers is 7, we both played high school and college basketball (I believe we wore the same number lol), both industrial engineers, both lived in Indiana... In college, me and Tai were LITERALLY inseparable (dorms across the yard from one another), until she moved back to Indiana after our sophomore year 😩. I love this one so much, one of my Top favorite AKAs... When we get together, it’s literally like no time has lapsed. Loud, open mouth laughter and jokes is what we do... She deserves the world. One of the most gorgeous women I have ever met, a true Glamazon!!! When my mama get tired of blowin up my phone up with random t texts, she blows up Tai phone lol, still to this day lol. So blessed to have you here, this weekend, celebrating your bday. I know Mama Connie looking down on you from heaven, so proud of the beautiful woman you have become. I love you sis!!!!! 17 years of friendship right here 🙌🏾🙏🏾!!!

My beautiful bestie @chakalittai came back for some more paint to celebrate her bday tonight!!! We paintin the town Pink gee!!!! So gorgeous, love you sis!!!!! (Bday shoutout soon to come, I’m diggin up the archives for this one right here 😬🤗🤨🤪🤩). #makeup #makeupbyalex #mua #atlmua #atlanta #atlantamua #themuaalex

Listennnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do what you have to do, be who you have to be, stay true to who you are!!! Don’t be afraid to be a BITCH!!! I’m not, but I can be if I have to be. Call it that or call it passionate 🤷🏾‍♀️. Either way, don’t be afraid to upset people!!!! Love you bestie @issarae

.......AND PAULETTA WASHINGTON!!!!!!! Listen... if my son/daughter don’t give credit to both me and @may82son34, I don’t want them... lol. Nah but for real, this gave me chills!!!!! Y’all can have these goals of these new age young popular current couples/families, but I’ll take the Washingtons (Pauletta and Denzel), the Obamas (Michelle and Barack), the Davises/Tennons (Viola and Julius), the Davises (Ruby Dee and Ossie), the Bassetts/Vances (Angela and Courtney), the Whitakers (Keisha and Forest), the Smiths (Jada and Will), the Chestnuts/Byses (Pam and Morris), the Peeles (Holly Robinson and Rodney), the Smiths (Simone and LL Cool J), the Simmons (Justine and Rev Run)... ANY DAY! Black Love that has endured, withstood the test of time, been through heartache and pain, bred children, bred successes and overcame failures, making it work, loving unconditionally for 20+ years... Now that’s goals AF!

My beautiful FRAAAAAAAAANNNNNDDDD @chakalittai of 17 YEARS is in town celebrating her bday, which is tomorrow. Yes we are 2 days apart #leoshit and always been close since freshmen year in college, we was the best besties lol 👯‍♀️ (her bday shoutout coming tomorrow.) She has to get some glam for her day out on the town and we wanted to do a little sumn fresh and natural... Love you my beautiful glamazon friend, hope you enjoy your night and I’ll see ya tomorrow for Glam Session numba ✌🏾. #makeup #makeupbyalex #mua #atl #atlmua #atlanta #atlantamua #beauty #beforeandafters #themuaalex #themuaalexnewclient

When I say, issa real one’s bday, I probably need to stand on top of a car and YELL, “ISSA REAL ONE’S BIRTHDAY!!!!” because BABAAAYYYY, youz a real one!!! One of my FAVORITE LEOS AND PEOPLE, PERIOD!!! The true definition of “ride or die” like for real, no whammies... Me and @amazinree been rockin since her freshman year at Clayton High School (shout out Greyhounds) back in 1999... Ree was in my brother’s class and was quiet af, from what I can recall, but we ran track together. But boy did you grow out of that quiet shit, lol. I love you so much sister. Your loyalty, rawness, extremely large heart, smarts, common sense, Ethiopian beauty (you need to do a DNA test gee cuz you definitely is a Young East African Girl), twerking capabilities, big ole breasts, hypochondriac condition 🙄😂😳🤷🏾‍♀️✋🏾👀, and ability to literally fall asleep ANYWHERE when intoxicated, amazes me every time we get together 😂. Me, you, and @pharmdiva will always be the Three Amigos when we link up and I will cherish y’alls friendship forever, the real forever tho... the one that actually lasts forever lol 🙄. I know you enjoyed yourself last night (in spite of your selection of what we talked about last night 🙄🤫✋🏾) and I know you bout to enjoy your vacation when you head out today. I love you so much and wish you nothing but success as you eventually tap into this fashion world, which btw, I need a damn follow up 👀. Happy Birthday Leo!!!! Get a tan for me boo 🤸🏽‍♀️😍😘😝🙏🏾🏖🏝🛫

One of the cutest and funniest Daddy/Daughter duos on the innanet!!! I send their videos to @may82son34 daily for inspiration lol. @pop_vazquez

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