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MotivArtist Diary  Im not a know-it-all. Just love sharing life learnings I got as a student. While at the same time teaching myself about inner-strength & true success.


Apakah besarnya ‘keinginan’ kita untuk bahagia kongruen dengan besarnya ‘usaha nyata’ kita menciptakan kebahagian itu? Dalam SETIAP HARI hidup kita. ☺️

Appreciate and express gratitude for what you have now. They can all be gone one day. Bask yourself in the abundance of blessings you get everyday. Your health, the house you live in, your milestones and achievements. Let the people you love know you love them. Tell them what great qualities that you see in them and what you’ve learned from them and your relationship with them. Value your loved ones by letting them know they matter to you. You dont want them gone not knowing how much you cherish their existence. Remember that you and the people around you are worth celebrating. Your life, is worth celebrating! So, celebrate with genuine love. It can all be gone. It is not ours to own or keep forever. Love your breath today, the steps you take, the path you’re in. Be thankful 💛


Apa yang mau kita rasakan, sesungguhnya ada dalam kontrol kita. Dengan sengaja PILIH konten dari buah pikirmu, dan create a better feeling, better sense of self. Lakukan ini dengan konsisten.

Be honest to yourself. Do you use social media to mask insecurities and get validation about something you wish to have in life but in reality you dont? Social media can be a great tool for showcasing perfection and filterring emptiness with the perfect laugh, colors, lightings, expression, and whatever wow factor you show through the camera. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that the amount of followers and likes someone has on their social media equals the level of their happiness and inner-security. The more I am present with my life and the more I am happy and content about it and myself, the less I feel the need to constantly show others about it and feel the need for people to know how awesome or happy I really am.

I am so happy with my life. Everything now is enough. I know the “trend” is to keep on searching, keep on striving, stay hungry and be unsatisfied. But here, I choose to be grateful and proud and satisfied with where I am and what I have today. And that is healthy. I appreciate small things that makes life, life.
I think I’m passed that phase where everything has to be extraordinary in order for me to feel okay, validated. I used to think that endless ambition, being above average, and workaholism was sexy. Now, balance in life is sexy. Engaging in deep meaningful relationships is sexy. Ordinary things appeal more to me and my inner-self. Maybe because they are what actually matters.
I don’t need amazing things to happen to feel good about my life. About myself. Being ordinary is ok.
I am not giving up. I am not out of hope. I am not against bigger success. I am not against grand achievements. I am just not attached to the expectation of having it. In fact, I don’t need it. At least not anymore.
I am elevated. Because I no longer need external reasons to feel enough. I am full. And I think having this outlook, is my best achievement so far.


“When You Love What You Do” - October 2017
For me, this really applies to being a mother and me as an actress. .
But, what do you think? Do you agree that achieving success or fulfilling a grand destiny should feel positive and filled with joy or should it be somewhat hard like a battle? I wanna know what YOU think. 🙂

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