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Mona Haydar  My new music video "HIJABI" in link below! •Mama Earth always on my heart. •Liberationist •Love is my agenda

DMV area family! Come through! Get your tickets today and come hang out with your girl for a good cause! ❤️#syria

Just finished recording at @pritheworld with @marcowerman! Great conversation! Will let y'all know when it airs!

"I love your skin and freckles!" When your photographer, stylist and make up artist (all in one!) sends you this message before your photo shoot and you feel all mega warm, glowy and confident all day because of one tiny positive remark about a so called "imperfection" of yours. Thank you @fedfooda. Yesterday was supposed to be work and instead it was sweet connection and fun! 💕can't wait for you guys to see what we cooked up yesterday!!! (Ps- for those interested, the face markings are traditional Bedouin tattoos from all over the Middle East. These specific ones were inspired by photos of Syrian Bedouin women.)

Almost exactly 5 years ago, I met my love and we got married shortly there after. The celebration continues!!!!! We don't celebrate anniversaries because we feel like there are so many different little ones to celebrate. Instead, we try to be present everyday in every moment together. Every day is an opportunity to fall more deeply in love or to grow further apart. We work hard at growing together but man oh man has this year been hard. We're finding out what our new normal is with 2 kids now. The blessings are challenging but they're so worth it. 💕 ps! How many of you would like us to make a video telling you the story of how we met and fell in love?

Today I took both my sons to visit Malcolm X to honor his life on the day of his birth. Happy Birthday Sidi. You are forever in our hearts and we will endeavor to eradicate the evil of white supremacy in this world and grow it into the more beautiful world we know is possible. RasoolAllah planted the seeds, Malcolm watered them and we must learn to cultivate so we may reap the fruits. ❤️

People!!! @lsarsour brought the Brooklyn Museum to tears by talking about how her work for justice and love are one in the same. She brought all the fire and love today. Side note-- she also shared a secret! She's a poet! Who else knew she had to be some type of artists with a heart and voice like she has?! If you don't already follow this incredible human, give yourself that gift on this Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day!!! #imarchwithlinda always

#syria 💔

So many people came out in support of the Syrian cause last night. It warms my heart. One of those people was @maxwell! 💕

You guys-- @jackiecruz reposted my video when it came out and tonight she and I met forreals and started cooking up some deeeeelicious ideas that I hope will make our world a more beautiful place. She a blessing. #gothamcares

@maraakil is possibly the sweetest! I mean, she's also brilliant but she has a seemingly inexhaustible kindness about her. So grateful to have spoken at the @apollotheater alongside her!!!

Today I was blessed to share part of my heart on the @apollotheater stage. I'm living my life JOYFULLY UNAPOLOGETICALLY and in ever deeper gratitude for the blessings in allllll their complexities. Living my life like it's GOLDENNNNNNN 🎶✨

I've never had more critics than I do today. I've also never had more beloved supporters. The infinite balance is a source of warmth for me. And there are days when the hate and attacks become so painful that I regress back into fear of unknown. But I will move forward with love in my heart. Yes-- with LOVE for all, even those who hate me.

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