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Ashlee Birk  Author. Motivational speaker. Survivor of infidelity and murder. Mom 👭👧🏾👧👬. ❤️blended fam. Stand with God. Family first. themomentswestand@gmail.com


Today I want to talk about the subject of marriage. From the beginning of time marriage has been the foundation of humanity. It all started with Adam and Eve. Marriage gives structure to what otherwise could just be a civilization full of intimate relationships without any connections or ties to each other. It is so important to have healthy marriages to make up our societies . . . but why is it so hard?

First marriage, second marriage . . . fourth marriage—whatever your marriage looks like at this point . . . you can attest, that some moments are not easy. We are different—men and woman— and all marriages take work, compromise, faith, patience, and a whole lot of love, that—some days—is very hard to remember.
And if you haven’t yet hit bumps in the road . . . I am pretty sure you are the exception. And if you think you will never hit bumps in the road . . . I am pretty sure you are in denial.
So how do we win? If statistics tell us that our relationships are more than likely going to fail, and the world tells us that if it isn’t easy—then it can’t be love. How the hell are we going to survive?
We have a constant enemy on our back—orchestrating the demise of any and all healthy relationships. He sends temptations, addictions, anxiety, insecurities, unrealistic expectations, fear, betrayal, and lies that shake us to our core. And he has created so much chaos in our world that marriage is no longer considered important. Rings mean nothing. Vows, promises, covenants . . . are all foggy. He has taken what once was important and turned it into something that sometimes seems impossible—healthy lasting relationships, the protection of our families.
Some years ago. . . I always just assumed that people would protect my marriage—my husband, being the first I always thought would have my back. He didn’t. And that hurt. A lot of times I assumed a wedding ring was all the protection anyone would need—a symbol of the promises and vows they had made. I had no idea that even when wearing a ring—or seeing another person with a symbol of their marital status clearly on their finger—people would flirt, and flaunt (continued in comments) #newblogpost #fidelity #marriage

I started using Maskcara products a few years ago and told everyone I knew about them. Did all sorts of giveaways with @maskcara on blog and started sharing lots about them on @standingbeautiful (my balancing beauty project) I have always wanted to shout from the rooftops how amazing this makeup has made me feel.
So when I finally felt impressed a few months ago to become a trained artist who can help other woman feel beautiful and find more confidence on the outside...I bought a kit and started practicing —mainly on my children😂😂—merely as a hobby and a resource for some of my one-on-one clients to balance the truths they were discovering on the inside—and begin to feel beautiful on the outside too.
But the more and more I see people find confidence from learning a few basic application techniques...and go home with a few quality products—the more I want to share with everyone I know.
So. I am yours! If you have wanted to find a hobby—something to do while your kids take a nap, or just need some income to ad to your household...and you like playing in makeup. Please message me! This online event tonight is all the amazing woman who are making this amazing company grow—sharing inspiring stories and the Why's behind Maskcara. It is more than makeup I can promise you that! I have had women walk in my house—who haven't worn makeup in 20 years—almost in tears. It is about connection, and unity, and womanhood. And balancing our truths. And believing in ourselves. And remembering how to love who we see when we look in the mirror.
You are enough. And the best part about this makeup is it doesn't cover up you...it just highlights the beauty that is already there.
Message me with questions. If you want to try it, stop by my house tomorrow night for my open house. (Or we can FaceTime or send pics and I can color match you) If you want to learn how to teach it...I can get you added to the event tonight to hear why others love it.
Please check out the website(link on @standingbeautiful Profile) Watch the videos! Cara is not only amazing at makeup...she believes every woman should love the skin they are in.
I am closing the giveaway tonight! Go win some!

I think I will keep them! 😍😍😍😍 Last year with four in elementary school. #how #why #stopgrowing #please

Love is like trying to snuggle a 230 pound 6'4" man in a one man Hamic on the beach...sometimes it feels impossible, maybe a little scary—and quite possibly the one thing you will never have all figured out...and for sure never perfect. But pretty darn amazing. And once you find your groove...the view is so incredible.

So I had so much fun doing a giveaway for @areasontostand Provo, Utah tickets (or my books) this week, I decided to do another one.
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First week of cheerleading and they already have a fan! #twins #middleschool #cheerleading

When I was growing up—every time I would leave the house—my mom would kiss me and say, "Remember who you are!" Sometimes, on the really tough days, I wouldn't kiss her goodbye...but she would always manage to make sure I heard. Most days—as a teenager—these words meant very little to me. There have been thousands of days—since the first time my mom sent me off with the very first, "Remember who you are!"—some I totally have, and others I have had a hard time knowing what that means.
And now I am a mom whose only prayer is that her kids don't forget their worth, treat people kind, see the good in themselves and others. Say their prayers. Have faith in Jesus. Are respectful and obey the rules. I want them to not only survive...but thrive. I hope they don't forget that they are loved. I pray they never change who they are to fit in...but I never want them to feel like they aren't part of something. I want them to smile. I want them to have the whole world in their hands, but I never want them to get lost in it. I hope my babies find their mission and their purpose of why they are here. I don't want to see them in pain...but I hope they learn that hurting is part of the journey. I hope they can always remember who they are, where they came from...and where they are going.
So if I could go back to that girl who rolled her eyes as she walked out the front door and her mom yelled from the kitchen, "I love you Ashlee...remember who you are!" I would make her run back in that kitchen and say, "Mom...thank you for caring, for wanting me to be everything that I can be, and for reminding me every day not to get lost in the fight. To see my worth even when no one else does—and live my truths even when no one else believes I am. I will mom! Today I will remember who I am—and I won't ever forget." Even though sometimes we can't see how much...God feels the same way about us—as a mother who sends her child out the door every morning with a prayer for them to remember—that is His wish for us too. So if this dark world is making it hard for you—today—to remember...look for the light. Remember the truths. Battle the lies. And look for the good in your imperfect perfect life.

This happened...Activity cards😱#iamold

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"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Oprah Winfrey

Instagram story cut off the best part..."I need city!"😂😂😂

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