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Tonight went way better than I imagined it! Get this thing organized and I think we set up these teens for the year! From clothes, to hygiene kits, to makeup and winter coats. We met a lot of generous people today! Thank you friends. #Goodday #lighttheworld

Round 2...Tytus boy gingerbread/ugly sweater day party. Now it’s time to get my act together and set up for tonight! Hope to see some faces there! Drop off site...5-9 at the LDS chapel by the new Meridian Temple. Come drop off donations, or come on in and talk with officer Gomez and the rest of us! We will be organizing hygiene kits and writing letters to put inside. My hope is that the teens and kids who come and help will get ideas on how they can serve the people around them more. Think of others before themselves. See with new eyes...so they can find the one who needs them. #lighttheworld

One down...gingerbread house making with my Kaleeya girl on ugly sweater day.

“Blessed are they that mourn” Matthew 5:4

I remember the morning of Emmett’s viewing sobbing in my mother’s arms. I said, “I can’t do this mom. I can’t have another person walk in here and hug me—I can’t keep pretending I have anything left to give—I can’t even stand it when they touch me. Today I just want to be left alone.” My wise mother held me close and said, “Ashlee . . . then don’t do it for you—do it for them. Hug them—not because you want to— but because they came to mourn. They lost something too—a brother, a son, a friend. Every person who knew him will never be the same. So let them in. Sometimes it will be for you—but most of the time you will have to do it for them. Comfort them.” A few things I have learned—since that day— about grief, loss, and mourning.
1. It is an individual journey . . . but nearly impossible to do alone.

2. Others might have lost similar to you, but they might handle it differently.

3. No one prepares you for how hard it is going to be and that it doesn’t truly ever end.

4. It is a road that never leads you back to who you once were . . . but a path that takes you to a new place—of who you can become.
5. Faith doesn’t take away the pain—it just helps you remember you are not doing it alone.

6. God will give you more than you can handle—but He will also give you a Savior . . . who will carry you through the days you cannot stand on your own.

Grief is impossible to put into words, and I have failed many times to describe the pain that one experiences in the midst of great loss. But one thing I do know something about—is that we can mourn with those who mourn...because we all need each other. Through the good times and the bad.
You are never ever alone.


New post on the blog. “Blessed are those that mourn” www.themomentswestand.com

#grief #loss #mourning #widow

Each day this month we have been given the opportunity to serve someone else. As we were reading today’s theme, “I was a stranger and ye took me in”—I couldn’t help but think of this story...I have told many times.

We were driving across the state—with a car full of bad attitudes—and had just stopped for my beloved peanut M&Ms when Shawn pulled out of the parking stall and stopped, got out, and handed this stranger an arm full of food. They talked for twenty minutes. A couple of strangers became friends.
We are all strangers really. Even our spouses—or roommate— at one time or another was a person we didn’t know.
Guess that means today’s theme means we are supposed to let each other in. Love isn’t something you have to hold back. Today as we find a stranger to serve I hope we become less of a stranger to ourselves. I know it is in service we find ourselves a little more.
There are a lot of strangers that are far away who need help...but some “strangers” are not far from your view. Today as you #lighttheworld look for the people who are strangers, but also for the strangers who are people. #Christmas

New guest post on the blog written by an amazing girl with an incredible story to share. "A new kind of Champion"
----------------------------------------------------------I’m lying in the back of an ambulance racing towards the hospital in Walnut Creek, California. The EMT above me is trying to stabilize my seizing body enough to get an IV in my arm, and the oxygen blowing into my nose makes me feel like I’m suffocating. I feel tears roll down my cheeks. I try not to cry. I get kicked out of the pool if I cry. As the cold tears gather by all the tubes and wires attached to me, I feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I’m seventeen years old, living alone, two states away from my family, training for the Olympic Games. It is in this moment—with the setting November sky outside the ambulance window—speeding down the highway, that I know. If I continue the way I’m going, I will die in the pool one way or another.
Click on the link in my profile to read her full article...

This Thursday. From 5-9PM. For more info click on the link in my profile! The officers are looking for lightly used shoes and clothes (spirit wear). Makeup, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant...and any other items they can stock their closets at the high schools with—for kids who “can’t afford to fit in”. So bring any extras you are not using or can live without. We appreciate any donations, and anyone who can stop by and write letters to put inside the shoes, and the other activities we are going to have set up to help #lighttheworld in our own backyard. Thank you in advance! 😘

The kids and I created a little video about service that we want to share with you. The whole thing is on the blog...since I don’t think it will post more than a minute on here. ❤️ #lighttheworld

The best part about being a mom...when your kids just want you to open a million presents on your birthday so they start wrapping up your own stuff...and theirs—just to see you smile. I am 35 today friends. 35 years. Some have been really good, others—not my favorite. But I am so glad to have lived them all. I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for each of you, and the encouragement and ❤️ you give me every day. #oneyearolder #thankyou #lighttheworld

Ok friends. We need your help again. Last year one of you sent me the family that ended up being given the new car from @maverickcarcompany for Christmas. Let’s help them out again! Do you know a family in need of a car? If so...please message me or click on their name and send them a message directly! Thank you @maverickcarcompany for showing us how to #lighttheworld

I remember one year in junior high—my mom was a single mom—when the holidays grew close she pulled me aside a few days before and told me all she could afford was a fingernail polish...and she needed me to be ok with that this year. I told her I understood, as I knew we had close to nothing. When Christmas came, I open my nail polish—trying hard not to cry—because I knew what was on my friends list that year. I felt alone... inadequate in every way... dreading going back to school—hoping to avoid anyone asking me what presents I got.
Not long after each of us kids had opened one present we got a knock at our front door. No one was there but as we looked down we saw a small tree sitting on our front porch covered in money. It was probably about 100 one dollar bills. And though now I look back now and see how simple that could have been for someone...it wasn’t for us. It made all the difference in the spirit of Christmas for a little jr high girl.
So someone asked the other day...why are you devoting your whole “light the world project” to teens in need. Because I remember how it felt. To not afford to “fit in”. And if a new pair of shoes or a little bit of makeup can change the way this year goes...maybe it will change the way the rest of their lives end.
Be the difference this year. It matters. Small or big, your ripple might just #lighttheworld

Bostyn made me the cutest Christmas card book I have ever seen! #lighttheworld

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