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early morning moment in porto.
people slowly waking up, opening and organizing their shops, the alleys slowly filling up with light. also the best time to explore a city. always. ✨

changing perspectives over porto.
the more i‘m looking at pictures from porto the more i learn to love it. we only spent one full day in the city and it‘s kinda crazy how many scenery changes we experienced. this is an evening view of the mighty ponte luís I. ✨

color palette of porto.
there have been a few times where i wished i had a telephoto lens in this city. if you have one - bring it to porto. 😉 those facades along the ribeira district are just way to impressive!

those views over porto.

there is no way you can't have a gorgeous view on the douro river during sunset. so many viewpoints up the hills give you the perfect sight to end your day in this lovely city just right. ✨

on our @vanceptual trip we skipped lisbon but at least i managed to capture a tram in porto instead. 😉 don't ask @starhamburg how long it took us to take this shot though. 🙃

this is the front of the igreja do carmo. i posted its famous blue tile wall in my picture before. it was interesting for me to learn that the building is actually part of two churches that are separated by a very narrow house that was inhabited until the 1980's. the house was built so that the two churches would not share a common wall and to prevent any relations between the nuns.

those famous tiles of porto.
the characteristic blue azulejo tiles of the igreja do carmo are pretty insta-famous by now i‘d say.
the locally made tiles have been added to the church later in 1912. 💙

house tetris in porto.
can you count the houses in this picture? 😜 this is a view from the ponto dom loís I of the typical houses of the ribeira district which spreads along the douro river.

olá porto! 🇵🇹 _
we finally made it to portugal with the van. it’s been a pleasure and quite exhausting to explore the charming porto all day today. getting lost in the small alleys, discovering those pretty backyards and eating all the food. literally: ALL the food. 😏

heading south along the coast again tomorrow... 🚐💨

passing through. 🇪🇸
over 2000km in the bank and almost made it to portugal. @vanceptual 🚐. good thing that it’s so easy to be spontaneous with the van - switched plans and will start our journey along the portuguese coast in porto. so excited to finally visit that city! have you ever been to portugal?

currently passing france on our next @vanceptual trip on route to portugal. the first 1000km in the bank and we‘re already longing for the portuguese coastlines.

a little bit more green in my feed lately. probably has something to do with the feeling of wanting to leave the city a bit for a while.
this is a picture of the twin mills in the old fishermen’s village #greetsiel close to my hometown.
unfortunately i won’t be visiting too soon again but getting visitors instead - feel free to wish my mom a happy early birthday @_christiane__! 😜🎈

the burg eltz was the last place we visited on our previous road trip.
one of those places we didn’t plan to see but was totally worth it of course. can’t wait to be back on the road again next week! 🚐 @vanceptual

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