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Valentine flowers from @toobrad. He also surprised me with a giant body pillow and belly butter. He's the best. 🌷

Any shoes left unattended are fair game.

If/when we move back to Hilton Head this is one thing I'll really miss: blackberry pizza from @pizzerialimone. #yum

Had to snap a pic in their cute Sunday clothes before we all get back in our pjs for the rest of the day. #lazysunday

Daddy and River's Sunday shoes looking quite adorable side by side.

You guys, I could just cry. I have worked so hard the past two years to make this carrier a reality and today we finally launched. So many times I wanted to throw in the towel and give up this business entirely. It's so much busyness and stress and the competition can be, well, unkind, unfair and sometimes downright mean. Getting this carrier out has the potential to change things tremendously for us. There is nothing like this carrier on the market at all and hopefully patents will keep it that way. It's beautiful, luxurious and up to 50% lighter than all other SSC carriers on the market. Plus, it's completely made in the US! (Which is why it took two years to get out - we struggled find an American factory that could produce it for us!) Anyway, this wasn't meant to be a sales pitch. I just wanted to express my relief and joy and excitement and #allthefeelings. ❤️// PC: @roxanabphotography

Happiest of birthdays to this stud muffin. How'd I get so lucky? 😍 (And having a tiny baby on him makes him like 500 times hotter than he already is. #swoon)

Walked back into my room to see this. Can't decide if it's cute or sad since she's obviously trying to do what she sees mommy do all day every day as of late. Ready for things to settle down a bit soon. #babiesdontkeep

Wrapping the cutest mamas and babes for @happybabywrap. // PC: @roxanabphotography

The boys have been telling everyone they see about the "lobster" they found on our walk so I figured I'd post a picture of it here. This was the biggest dang crawdad I have ever seen! And it was just walking along the sidewalk like it was taking a morning stroll or something!

Current view. 😍

Beach baby.