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These boys had a piano recital tonight. This was Memphis's first recital and they both did a fantastic job. #proudmama Check out my stories to see clips of their performances. 🎵

Uncle Brad's the clear favorite.

For anyone who might feel personally offended or hurt when I say I can't wait to leave Utah and move back to the south, please keep in mind the following: • for the last 10 years we lived less than a mile from the beach and would walk there everyday • sandals are my footwear of choice all year long and that's not feasible here • it's freaking spring for crying out loud and we had several inches of snow dump on us last night • this is to say nothing of the yucky smog or terrible drivers 😑 That's all. Thanks for listening to me gripe.

When you've been craving airheads (so heathy, I know) so your thoughtful hubby buys you a 60 pack. 😳 @toobrad you're a keeper! #25weekspregnant

We had a sickness make it's way through the family last week. This sweet boy was so concerned about making sure I didn't catch it because he was afraid if I got sick the baby would get sick and die. Even though he was small at the time, he took the loss of our baby before River incredibly hard. He has such a big heart. And here's another amazing thing about Ezra: while he stayed in his room to avoid passing his 'sick germs' to me, he read an entire book in just a few hours. 😳

What I wish I was doing right now. 😴 Started falling asleep at 7 last night. Went to bed at 9 and slept in until almost 8 and I AM STILL TIRED. This pregnancy is kicking my trash. #24weeks

For those of you that haven't heard the news or noticed my ever increasing girth, we've got a little announcement. Turns out it wasn't bad sushi Thanksgiving weekend, but something else entirely. #surprise! #22weeks

Road trippin to TX! Brad and I have a travel rule to only eat at local joints. Makes it more of an adventure. (Even those times when the food ends up less than subpar... #winsomelosesome)

Valentine flowers from @toobrad. He also surprised me with a giant body pillow and belly butter. He's the best. 🌷

Any shoes left unattended are fair game.

If/when we move back to Hilton Head this is one thing I'll really miss: blackberry pizza from @pizzerialimone. #yum

Had to snap a pic in their cute Sunday clothes before we all get back in our pjs for the rest of the day. #lazysunday

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