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The Mindful Mum  A wealth of online classes designed to nurture YOU throughout motherhood 💗Join us and feel more calm & connected today 🙏

M I N D F U L • M A N T R A ⭐️If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed today, try and remember these 3 words. GROUND - feel your feet. SOUND - tune in to what you can hear. BREATH - find your breath. This simple mindful awareness practice will guide you to the present moment and help you feel calm amidst the chaos! #groundsoundbreathrepeat

M A V E N ⭐️ "A person who seeks to pass their wisdom onto others. One who understands based on an accumulation of knowledge." All our mavens are mums who have lived through the extraordinary and extraordinarily tough moments that unite us in motherhood. They've been carefully chosen based on their passion to support you and your wellbeing 🙏

That's right gorgeous mums... just let it all go and BREATHE 🙏

The gorgeous Melanie @sanctuaryonpeninsula teaching one of our online prenatal Pilates classes designed to help strengthen the core and lay strong foundations for birth and beyond 💗

Hmm, decisions decisions...fold the never ending pile of washing, or spend the rest of the evening winding down with one of our online classes? 🤔 It's so easy to succumb to guilt and neglect our own needs for the sake of ALL the jobs we feel we 'should' be doing in our precious spare moments. But, choosing to look after ourselves should be treated as a necessity as well and not something we do only 'if' we find the time. The jobs are always going to be there... Give yourself permission to chose you and make it a regular practice. The benefits will quickly become apparent not only for you, but for your whole family 💗

There's no doubt mum life is a juggling act and we spend our days having to manage multiple things at once. But, did you know the act of multi-tasking actually reduces your efficiency? So next time you feel tempted to do SO much at once, try and do a ONESIE instead and fully absorb yourself in the task at hand. By shifting your attention from one task to the next and being present in the moment, you'll not only be more productive, but you'll feel a whole lot less stressed as well ✌️

ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING (Otherwise known as an awesome practice for overcoming mummy overwhelm)!😅 Just a few minutes of this a day will help clear your mind and bring you back into the present moment. Yes please! To see Bettina @theartofbalance in action, click the link in our bio 🙏

Mum life can leave us feeling like we're constantly running a million miles an hour with a never ending mountain of 'things' to get through. Sometimes it feels like there's no choice but to keep on going. But the truth is, the more we keep pushing ourselves, the less productive we'll actually be. So when you're feeling overwhelmed and you notice yourself getting stressed, take it as a sign, you need to stop right there and slow the pace down. Give yourself permission to chill. It's OKAY, you've earned it, beautiful 😘

A little reminder to give yourself permission to PAUSE & PLAY this coming week. We know there's always just SO much to do, but we guarantee it will help power you through 😘✌️

To all you beautiful mums feeling overwhelmed with motherhood right are not alone. You know way more than you give yourself credit for. Be guided by what FEELS good to you. Trust in that inner mothering wisdom of yours. It won't let you down 💗

BLOG // MINDFUL HEALING FOR THE NEWBORN MUM // 💗 "The wonderful thing about mindfulness as it relates to the inherent challenges of motherhood is that it's aim is not to erase or avoid difficult experiences and create only pleasant ones, but to accept and bring our full attention to all of them. Through acceptance, we can learn so much about ourselves and others. So all of our experiences, whether they make us feel vulnerable, empowered, sad, or happy - or a mix of these - can be seen as an opportunity to connect with our humanity and develop compassion. "


Have you given yourself any love notes today, beautiful mums? Before you scroll any further, take this moment to send your body lots of LOVE and practice some nourishing deep breaths. Go on, you know it will do you some good! 😉💗

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