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Good morning. How did you wake up feeling about your relationship today? 🤔 Whether it's an amazing relationship or one you know is toxic, your inner voice has been speaking to you all along about it. Trust it. Follow it and you'll make the right decision. Been away because I've had to reset this thing and make the right decision.

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If you're having a difficult time finding your answers to the next steps in your relationship then this would be a great time to connect with nature. Whether it's in your back yard or at the park find that place of quiet and listen for what God has to say. To connect with nature is to connect with God. He made it didn't He? The answer is closer than you think.

It's real out here and sometimes it's hard to get of people once they attach themselves to you and that relationship begins to suck. Do better.

One time in life I dated this guy. Man oh man did he have me going for a minute. But unlike the good little girlfriend who sticks by through it all........I got fed up with his mess and got rid of him. It was like a light switch had clicked off and I simply told him to leave and never return. And guess what I never looked back his way. Do I have any regrets or memories that I miss? Nope. I'm at peace with that decision even to this day. Amazingly...I began to work on myself, my thoughts and my attitude on life in general and one day...unsuspectingly I met this gentleman when I went to get copies made and he asked me my name and the rest is history. The point I'm making is this. My previous relationship SUCKED! He lied, he cheated and I left his ass. Best decision EVER! Your turn.

Hey! It's been a couple of weeks and a lot of things have happened. As I regroup and reflect back over the 2 years since starting @themilsoguide here's bottom line. Relationships are HARD. You can quote all the LOA, Abram Hicks, Oprah, Will Smith motivations and @infinitewaters videos all you want. You will make it as long as you both stay COMMITTED, COMMUNICATE, stay trustworthy and faithful and stay in complete faith (spiritually) about your relationship. See....REAL love has its challenges too. Ups and downs. Highs and lies. Some days you're the IOS trying to plug into someone acting like an Android. There is no perfect couple nor situation. Yeah you could give up or continue to take countless quizzes on why you should move on...but as long as your heart is connected to one another it may just be worth fighting for. Fight for your marriage. Fight for your relationship. Fight for your future. Yes I'm talking to myself, too. 📸 @tmgmotorsports

In celebration of today's women accomplishing their dreams and goals while holding down their families, their partner, their children and even making time for their homegirls....just remember this quote when things feel overwhelming....it's gotten me thru many times.

Happy to celebrate Women around the world! Saw this on @womenandexotics. Follow them!

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Have you ever been in a relationship that seems to take too long to get to a commitment? Have you ever been with someone who wasn't ready to settle down yet they want all the benefits of settling down? Have you ever thought about how much that wrong relationship is costing you in time, money and energy? If he/she is still saying the same 🤥shyt year after year with no progression......trust this one thing. They are just practicing on you😑. Get rid of'em. You're welcome 😊.

After being in a hard place as a couple trying to stick together for a very long long long time, one day you wake up and peace has appeared. It takes getting into a still place, calming your internal chatter and reminding yourself of why you picked her/him in the first place. Did you think it was going to be easy? If so, be glad you're no longer fooling yourself.

You're not the only one in a relationship who doesn't have a "reset" button once it's been activated. Hopefully you're one of those who makes a conscious effort to choose peace rather than the other option. Don't tempt me tho.......

Good morning! We are starting our new channel this month to bring comedy relief, insight and solutions to struggling or boring or new relationships! Get ready! It will be so different than what you think!

Being in a relationship with someone who is EASILY 😤angered, angered over the smallest things and or who lives their life according to the emotion-of-the-day can be draining😒. Is this you or someone you know? 🤔Well guess what? If you are the person I described above here's what you had better understand. You give ALL of your power away when you cannot rise above your emotions. The ONLY person you hurt is yourself. I'm willing to bet that your intimate relationship SUCKS💩, your business partners don't really care for you like you think. They mostly just tolerate you🤣. And inside of your body, your internal core is unhealthy and a ticking time bomb. 💣. TAG SOMEONE WHO NEEDS TO READ THIS!

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