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MILES MCKENNA  People know me for my leg hair 🦇YOUTUBER: mileschronicles 🎃MEME ACCOUNT: @memedadmiles 📢Google Survey Link for My Testosterone Theory❤️

iF i cAlleD w0uld U ComE OuT fRonT?


Snip snip snip. If I got a P.O. box would y’all send me magazines and box tops?

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Acne ♥️
OK NERDS LISTEN UP- if you watched my story yesterday then you know I had a THEORY. ◼️That different types of testosterone elicit different changes. ◼️ So to test it, if you are trans and have gone on testosterone (for any amount of time) please click the link in my bio and fill out my form! I created a survey with a series of questions about how you receive(d) testosterone, where you’re from, and what level of changes you experienced. The goal is to see if there are similarities through the brand and changes and to make a video explaining what I found! Hopefully it helps someone who is looking to start HRT since there isn’t a lot of info out there! So click the link in my bio if you’ve been on testosterone please!!

Angels or Demons?
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I’m gonna kick ur ass at funky trash can 622 if you don’t start loving yourself.
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Okay but 2 years ago this is what I THOUGHT I looked like and now everyone else sees it too😩🦇🖤... is this what the Hannah Montana movie was about? 📷: @skaijordn

Don’t forget to do the smile today and fricken mean it loser I love you gosh ur gonna do great this year 💜 📷: @skaijordn

i look like my rats hehehehheheehhe
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Pshhhhhhgggh wow. Right about now 4 years ago I had put enough pieces of the puzzle together, and came out. That decision honestly changed not only my life but me as a person forever. I didn’t realize people close to me would never look at me the same. I had to become fiercely independent from the people I leaned on. (And try not to become dependent on people that could fill that void.) I had to stand up for myself. I learned a lot of lessons really fast and I had no idea they were coming. To quote a book I was gifted by a friend a few months from now and 4 years ago, “If the point of life is the same as the point of a story, the point of life is character transformation.“ -a million miles in a thousand years by Donald Miller. Be the author of your own story. Because if you don’t someone else will write it for you.

2019 I’m making myself proud 🦇💫 Scorpio baby in this Scorpio moonlight.

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