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Noel Gallagher 

Champions of England we salute you!!
Congratulations to everyone at MCFC.
Big shout out to El SeΓ±or.

So I feel compelled to share something with you.
We(NGHFB) were getting drunk in some dressing room or other recently when a track from this album(swamp Thing) randomly came on the speaker system via my ipad.
I'd forgotten how much this album meant to me. It came out in '86.
I was 19!!
I've been listening to it every day since and I have to sayΒ it's blown my mind..again!
It must have influenced my early years as a song writer because I can hear ME in it everywhere!!
Check it out.
Most of you won't like it but some of you will.
Like I say..I felt compelled to tell you.

It's a fair cop guv'.
We thought it was Richard Madely's gaff.
Soz Gladys.
No offence.

As we are in America can I just pass on my congratulations to the new Carabao Cup World Champions 2018!!

Chicago Illinois!!
Saturday night vibes inna area.
βœŒπŸ½βœ‚οΈ πŸ“·: @selfieguideshaz

Mad busy day at The Sony Centre in Toronto yesterday!
What do we think"Aerofusion"is?
Summat to do with synthesising chocolate bars?
Answers on a post card please.
Photo by Hornybilly.

Right up there with the best of them so far!
Might have even been THE best!?
See yiz next time.

These 3 HFB's!!..(the best thing about last night by the way!)

Saturday Night?
It was a fucking pleasure!!

Out and about in NYC last night.
Think I might have found my 7yr olds Xanadu!!!

NYC..will you ever cease to amaze us?
I do hope not.
What a night!!

Who let this little french boy onstage?
My security team really need to step it up.
Philadelphia you were the best so far.
Great night.
See you next time.

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