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OLIVIA  The Metal Romantic Metal & Romance. Style & Motherhood. Mama to Axel Hawk. Digital Storyteller.📍Atlanta 💌themetalromantic@gmail.com


Later coats!✌🏼😋The warm weather is a comin’!☀️ Photo by @joellegrace

Just a couple of big kids with a kid of our own!🤪 It’s the freakin’ weekend and we’re freakin’ happy about it! What’re your plans this weekend?!🤘🏼@pandco shot by @joellegrace

Thank goodness it’s F.R.I.D.A.Y! 🤣🙌🏼 The sun is shining and this kid is ready to go play!☀️

My LOVE for you ❤️⚡️There’s no greater feeling in the world than sharing this life with @trig_perez and raising our son together! Seeing our little dude grow up with the best parts of him and the best parts of me is a feeling that I can’t put into words. He’s my rock! Valentine’s Day is just one day, and we have this whole life together!❤️ Check out our little lovers day feature on @pandco by clicking the link in my bio!🤘🏼
Photos by my girl @joellegrace

On your mark...get set...GO! 🏁😋⚡️Photo by @joellegrace for @wallflowersf

Thank you for an amazing GIVEAWAY! The winner is....@katieleepeacock!⚡️Thank you to all of the babes who entered! I hope you’ll stick around for the next killer giveaway happening in March!!! You babes rule my world!!🤘🏼💓

Sanctuary 🍄✨🏡 My home is my absolute sanctuary! @trig_perez and I put a lot of thought into every last detail and it then becomes our passion.💓Ps. This vintage coat is still to this day, one of my favorite finds and guess what?! I’m selling it!! 👀Let me know if you’re intrigued to find out more information on it!🤘🏼(hint hint: it’s ankle length)

A solid Valentine’s Day look can be as simple as a bright pink pout!💓 @nyxcosmetics has the perfect shade! The all new “soft matte metallic lip cream” — PARIS can be found at #nyxprofessionalmakeup stores, online at nyxcosmetics.com and @ultabeauty!💄Let me just say, the soft finish and pearly accent is just perfection!🙌🏼
#nyxcosmetics #ad

I’m like a sour patch kid. First I’m sour, then I’m sweet!🤣🍭😋That’s how I’m going to describe my style from now on!⚡️Photo by @joellegrace featuring @wallflowersf

Cooler than a polar bears toenails🤣🤘🏼Axel is rocking his custom @mordotter_la leather jacket + a @another.fox jumper and of course always @vans 🤪⚡️

There’s nothin’ quite like a glorious sunny day in February to get ya even more ready for spring! Who’s with me?!🤪🙌🏼 << http://liketk.it/2uxht #liketkit @liketoknow.it >>

Go your own way ⚡️🚍 Note to self: buy more suits!🤘🏼This one gives me a crazy amount of joy!🤪🙌🏼 Photo by babe @joellegrace

I like to color outside the lines! Always have!🤘🏼🤪⚡️Photo by @joellegrace in a recent series with @wallflowersf

The weekend is calling so you better believe I’m picking up!📞💓🙌🏼😋 Featuring my new @idealofsweden case and this super cute @wallflowersf dress! Shots by @joellegrace⚡️

One. Two. Three. Swing into February!💓Axel is learning his one, two, three’s at 19 month old! Baby genius, I know!😂😋He hasn’t quite mastered the one yet, but his two and three are the BESSST!👌🏼🤪This little boy sure is rough and tumble as most little boys are, but he really is just so smart and SO kind! I’d say, we’re doing a good job, @trig_perez!💪🏼💓

In order to get him to sit still for a photo these days, I have to make all of the silly faces! He totally digs it and let’s be real...that smile full of little teeth just melts my soul! Today marks 19 months of us making you smile and laugh, Axel Hawk! We just can’t get enough of watching you grow!😋💓

Dream World 🙌🏼☁️🍭Here’s a sneak peek of my upcoming series with @wallflowersf and @joellegrace 🤘🏼🤪 You already know why this is the jacket of my dreams!💓

How in the world is this from an entire year ago?🦖 It’s wild how fast my little dinosaur has grown within just one year!😩

When the weekend just goes by way too fast!🌪Who’s with me?!🙌🏼 Photo by @artimio.black

@h_collective meet up today with my girl @joellegrace and @vanessaguvele

Waiting for the weekend like...⚡️🤘🏼🤪 Shot by @joellegrace wearing @lenni_thelabel

Oh you know, just me being extra AF. What’s new?!🤪🤘🏼🌟Photo by @artimio.black

Catch me if you can!🙌🏼🌟 Lookin’ like I’m straight up on the run in my latest series with @chrishouse__! Favorite movie?...GO!⏳👌🏼

I’m calling in for a sick day! Lots to do but MUST. GET. BETTER! Send me all of your good vibes while I rest up since Axel is finally napping!🙌🏼😩😷💪🏼 #momlife

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