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Giovanni Calabrese  Designers and 3D sculptor for Google corp, Amusement Parks, fun centers and attractions, music videos, movies and guerrilla marketing.

I am willing to part with my personal roll of TP. This one (1) roll has been used ONLY by me. (Certificate of authenticity is included). Why am I selling it? To be honest, it is soooo soft and strong that I want a lucky person to experience it as well. Don't ask me the brand, IDK. Which is what makes this all the more desirable. If you are a collector of oddities, this is for you. If you like the great outdoors, this is for you. If you never want to be caught "off guard", this is for you. Heck, this is for everyone.
Added bonus: This roll has never been abused, as clearly evidenced by its "over the top" correct threading. That's right: OVER THE TOP. Don't wait, get it now, while it lasts... or I may be so tempted to use some right now. Seriously... Right now. Read Less

City Bistro in Hoboken. Yeah, we made those ribbed crown moldings up on top.

There's a new theater announced. All seating will be beds!

Mmmmmm. Sunday dinner at Nonna's! #allineed #pastasunday #sardines

My son's renewed passport just came in... WOW! Trump takes a page for #maga


My daughter Giovanna (5) 38lbs. Taking the mats for her very first time....

We like big butts. And other big props. And so do you!

Harbor freight piece of crap!

Just the TIP !!!

My garage build progresses. Should I include the #starwars #deathstarwindow on the 1st or 2nd fl? #deathstar

Awwwww <3

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