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:)  *thinking about a funny bio* 💭 🔙 17.9.2016 ❤️ @shawnmendes 🎀💕 💭🔜29.6.2018 ❤️ @teddysphotos 😊👌🏻

Idk what I just made but, yikes

I wanna make a lit gc but I need ppl

Snap me

Wait what


Don't ask me why but I'm a really anxious/inconfident person. Whenever someone insults me or says someting that like hits my feelings without them even knowing, I will defend myself. I will assume all the words you say are meant against me or meant to hurt me and I'll be really offensive. Trying to protect myself from being hurt. I'm not myself on the internet. I'm really not. And I'm sorry for that. Because I've realized that it's so easy to get upset through a text message because you don't know how someone means something or anything like that. And I get so upset so much.
My friends might know about my problems and idk but my 'friends' are most likely the only ones who are reading until here. But I kind of just want to say, I really want to talk about everything. But like I said. I really am a really anxious person and I'm so nervous to ask for help. But I keep expecting people to just text me and already know that something's wrong. But that's like so impossible. I mean, Idek if anyone is reading until here. But I kinda just want to say that I really wanna talk about things with my close friends. I love my friends so much and they helped me through a really hard time in my life. Thank you❤️

@_mendes.love_ reposted my meme and I didn't even know this existed anymore lmao

Probably Shawn's favorite photo ever


Lmao I'll be marrying Roxy I'll be fine and live a happy life byeeeeee

This boy i swear

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