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Find out what’s going down in this pic on tonight’s new @bigbangtheory_cbs 🍷

Thought I was finally gonna get to meet E.T. tonight, but no dice. Maybe next year, E.T. Maybe next year...

Sending my bisous for Léo! 💋 Thank you @caseyrosewilson for sharing about @bisousforleo Léo has an incredibly rare genetic disorder called INAD, often referred to as “Parkinson’s mixed with Alzheimer’s for kids.” It’s an absolutely horrific diagnosis as there are currently no treatments or cures. We’re hoping to change that; every dollar helps and every kiss spreads awareness for INAD. Please post your own bisous and donate at so we can help save his life and kiss INAD goodbye #BisousForLéo 💋

Cast intros for tonight’s @bigbangtheory_cbs Season Premiere! 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜 🎥: @cassiedendanto

Hey everybody! Season 12 Premiere of @bigbangtheory_cbs tonight...the first of the final 24 episodes! Can’t wait for all of you wonderful people to see it! 💕

Superfly Butterfly 🦋 #butterflyfriday (that’s definitely a thing - so don’t say it isn’t...)

First tape night of the season! So wonderful to be back! Love this gang so much! 💖 @normancook @therealjimparsons @missmayim @sanctionedjohnnygalecki @kunalkarmanayyar #simonhelberg @bigbangtheory_cbs

LOVE all three of these terrific books by my friend, the awesome @danicamckellar 💜 So wonderful how she incorporates math in such an organic and fun way for little ones (and by “little ones” I also mean myself)! #goodnightnumbers #bathtimemathtime #tenmagicbutterflies 🦋

💛 Home Sweet TV Home 💛 @bigbangtheory_cbs #season12

#TBT When I was a tween/teen I started a crafting business in my basement called “Melissa’s Marvels.” Other than my family, no one ever bought anything. Said family members were expected to wear their purchases 24-7 as walking advertisements for a nominal discount. I distinctly remember someone saying my pins were “creepy.” Regardless, I truly believed I was a brilliant designer. As you can see from this leftover inventory...I was a 1,000 percent correct. 😉

The most tremendous congratulations to these beautiful newlyweds!!! Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness!! Love you guys! @normancook @mrtankcook #kcsquared 🥂💕🥂💕🥂💕🥂💕🥂


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