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Gabriel, Debbie & kiddos  passionate about good food, healthy living and seeing people pursue their dreams....redoing a school bus and taking our life on the road!

I've spent the last few days with Manchester on my's one thing to hear about the tragedy of the awful acts of terrorism happening around the globe, it's another to be texting and calling family members making sure that they weren't on a night out there and were safe. I grew up in that area and was at that arena the last time I visited England, we have a family friend who had to have a 12 hour surgery to remove shrapnel from her body and another friend who lost her favorite teacher that night. I woke up to the news this morning that there were arrests in connection with the bombing in my hometown, along with a "suspicious package" and I've spent the last few days checking in with each one of my family members.
There is nothing quite like tragedy to make you realize how important family is, how precious the time we have on this earth can be. It reminds me again that life is too short to waste. That's one of the main reasons for us moving our family from a 3000 sq ft house to a 250 sq ft skoolie. We spent way too many years doing things because we were told they were the right thing to do, that if we sacrificed now we would be rewarded with our dreams coming true in the future...what if the dreams are there now because you are supposed to pursue them NOW? What if the sacrifice you're supposed to make is the one that follows the desires that are in your heart and not the opinions of other people?

yesterday this sweet girl turned #11months old! I am NOT ready for her to be a year and I can't believe we're almost there! 😩 being a mama is one of my most favorite titles and this girl has been an absolute joy (most of the time!)
she still only has the two bottom teeth but has been teething like crazy these past few days so the top two will be joining us soon. She's standing for a few seconds at a time but is happily crawling everywhere right now...all of her siblings walked before they were one but I'd be surprised if she did. She got her first bump on the head and you can see her hair is getting little curls in the back, I posted a story so you can see it more there #ayearwithjoveygwyn

I am part of a challenge and today I'm supposed to post a picture of myself so I threw on the dry shampoo and filled in Sunday's leftover eyeliner and I'm ready to go...anyone else terrible at skincare? By the end of the day I'm so exhausted that I barely have the energy to brush my teeth, let alone follow a 12 step program for my skin! 😴
Besides denim, the only colors in my closet are black, white and grey...this makes it super easy to get ready because I know everything I have will match. I actually looked back in my Instagram and the last time I was pictured wearing color was 3 years ago!
I'm trying to focus more on genuine connection with others on Instagram and am looking forward to getting to know you guys more and share a little more of myself...I have specific posts in my head that I've always wanted to post but fear of what others would say has always stopped me. What thing have you always wanted to do but have let what other people think stop you? Let's make a pact to help one another go after those things without fear, K?! 💃🏻

yesterday we went down to the lake and discovered that the water level was so high that the playground was under water! The kids had a blast splashing around and I got to lay out on the "beach" that had formed...being a mama has taught me to never feel guilty for relaxing when they are entertained, take advantage of those precious moments!

Here's another one from Mother's Day because I love my crazy crew! I haven't done this for a while but I thought that since we've gained so many followers recently, I'd jump back on the #fridayintroductions train and give you some fun facts about me! • I rarely know what day it is and even had to check the calendar to make sure it was Friday!
• I LOVE chocolate and usually eat it family even got me one of those scratch and sniff "chocoholic" t-shirts in the 90's 😂 dark orange chocolate is my favorite
• I HATE Hershey's and my husband once had me do a blind taste challenge and I picked the Hershey's chocolate out honestly tastes like vomit to me 🤢
• I was born in England and lived there until I was 17...since then I've lived in IL, TX, AR, IL (again!) and OK
• I love to watch documentaries (recommend some in the comments below!) and it was the documentary "Minimalism" that sparked the idea for us to move into a 250 sq ft school bus and take our life on the road!
...share a fun fact about yourself, I want to get to know you guys!

life right now with a baby on my hip and big sister not to far behind...transitioning into summer has been rough for all of us and I find myself exhausted the whole day. I'm missing yoga so bad but need to find my motivation to get back into it...I'm finding that being the healthiest (mentally/emotionally/spiritually) version of myself takes time and finding the time is work!

big brothers baseball game was running way long and the middle two just sat between the bleachers and played "store" with rocks...its times like this when I'm reminded that their 18 month age difference has its benefits...the first 2 years were reeeeeally rough but now they entertain each other so well!

Debbie is one of those women who challenge the status quo. If you've ever spent time with her you'll understand when I say, "Debbie is amazing." She's handled life's ups and downs with such bravery and courage. She's never backed away from a challenge and anytime life throws her a curveball she hits it out of the park. I personally do not know another woman that is as good of a mom as Debbie. She sacrifices for her children, nurtures them, patiently speaks with them and prays over them. She puts their needs in front of her own. Each of our children are awesome in their own way and the majority of that can be attributed to her. Today is Mother's Day. Today is her day. Today is all about Debbie. I love you babe and I'm so grateful to have you on the team. -Gabriel

last day of school donuts...daddy has the best ideas!
// you guysssss! It's the last day of school?! When the heck did that sneak up on us?! I need all the ideas for keeping these kiddos entertained for the summer, I'm not prepared at all!

our boy decided to sign up for baseball this season, even though he hasn't played since t-ball...we were all nervous about how he would do since he didn't even know the basics but it's been amazing to watch him grow these past few weeks. He's constantly practicing, encouraging his teammates and keeping a good attitude even though he has to sit the bench sometimes. Last week he got hit on the elbow with a ball, it was a tense moment as we waited to see how he would respond and even though we could trace the seam of the baseball on his arm, he decided to stay in the game and one of his teammates gave him the "game ball" because of it. I'm learning so much from my generous, brave boy and I'm also wishing we could give each other a "game ball" as we navigate the things that life throws at us!

deciding to step out into the unknown can be a scary thing...when I first came to Gabriel with the idea of living in a converted schoolbus he was a little confused. Lucky for me he was willing to actually think it through and not just dismiss my crazy! we'd rather be the kind of people that step out of the boat and try instead of sitting comfortably, watching the waves go by.

take a minute today to step outside and smell the roses...and if you don't have any roses to smell, just step outside! take a deep breath...feel the wind on your skin and tell yourself, it's not over. whatever you're facing, whatever the problem is, you are not defined by your biggest mistake. there is always growth to be made, change will always come. you are not stuck. //
feel free to tag someone below who needs this encouragement today!

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